Dead Space Originally for Xbox ( Not 360) – Wii Version Could Be Awesome

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Did you know that Dead Space was originally being created for the original Xbox?

Neither did I. What’s more interesting is that they shifted the entire game over to next-gen, which means that they have been working on it for quite some time now.

If you take a look at this video, you can see that while the graphics of the original Xbox version obviously don’t compare to the 360 version, the game still looked pretty impressive. What this means, is that if the developers get it right, the Wii version of Dead Space may actually be quite decent.

I say this, because most of the time, good graphics are not that important, they are nice, but not important. In Dead Space, things are a little different, as the game does actually really on the visual atmosphere quite heavily in terms of creating and maintaining tension. This basically means that the Wii version will just downright suck if it looks really crappy.

If this video is anything to go buy, the Wii version may just surprise us.

Last Updated: February 13, 2009

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  • wiiboy101

    some home truths for anti wii twits to chew on

    Normal Broadway interface:
    Bus Interface Unit to System Bus = 64 bit * 243 MHz = 1.944 GB/s
    Bus Interface Unit from chip = 17 GB/s
    L2 Data cache to fill buffer 64 bit * 729 MHz = 5.832 GB/s
    L2 Instruction cache to L1 instruction cache = 32 bit * 729 MHz = 2.916 GB/s
    DMA controller to fill buffer 64 bit * 729 MHz = 5.832 GB/s
    Fill buffer to L1 Data cache 256 bit * 729 MHz = 23.328 GB/s
    Write Gather Pipe from Load/Store Unit 64 bit * 729 MHz = 5.832 GB/s

    xbox 1 cpu only half of the above bandwidths below is broadways true bandwidth peak with custom 4to1 compression clearly upto 8 times the xbox cpu

    Broadways data compression
    Data compression of 4:1 average data compression:
    Bus Interface Unit to System Bus 4:1 = 7.78 GB/s
    Bus Interface Unit from chip 4:1 = 68 GB/s
    L2 Data cache to fill buffer 4:1 = 23.328 GB/s
    L2 Instruction cache to L1 instruction cache 4:1 = 11.664 GB/s
    DMA controller to fill buffer 4:1 = 23.328GB/s
    Fill buffer to L1 Data cache 4:1 = 93.312 GB/s.
    Write Gather Pipe from Load/Store Unit 4:1 = 23.328 GB/s

    xbox front side bus 133mhz= 1gb bandwidth

    wii front side bus 243mhz plus 4to1 compression= 8gb bandwidth

    xbox cpu level 2 catch 128k no compression

    wii cpu level 2 catch 256k plus 4to1 compression= 1mb virtual catch size

    xgpu 128k texture catch cannot read compressed textures

    hollywood 1mb 1tsram edram texture catch plus 6to1 compression= 6mb texture catch (6mb vs 128k hmmmm no contest)

    custom supported abbiltys of hollywood gpu that increase effective performance

    custom tile rendering/deferred rendering
    custom virtual texturing
    lightning fast ram and high bandwidths
    twice the hardware lights twice the hardware texture layers

    celeron xbox cpu 9 million transistors old fashioned of the shelf aluminium intel cpu

    broadway micro embeded tight transistor packed ultra efficent micro design with copperwire and silicon on insulator tech over 20 million transistors more than double xbox 1s cpu

    just a short list of obvious points that show wii at 480p is closer to x360 than it is xbox


    effective bandwidths 4to8 x xbox 1 and latency 10x xbox 1

    broadway kills xbox celeron and theres an aditional work arm cpu embedded in hollywood runing op system and perifials and wifi etc

    wii has 27mb 1tsram 24mb embedded 1tsram on gpu die and 3mb edram 1tsram on gpu 27mb sram plus compression vs xgpus 128k and no compression

    xbox 4 texture layers wii 8 texture layers wiis effective fillrate and bandwidth is like gamecube and xbox combined and some to spare

    wii = 2.5 x xbox 1 @ 480p ITS CALLED BEING HONEST ABOUT SPEC

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