Dragon Age: Inquisition shows off more environments

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Bioware has been feeding us the slow drip of information about Dragon Age Inquisition. Yet, like a woman stranded in the desert, I have been savoring every drop. Now, there are some new screens to rub all over your eyeballs.

First up, we have the twitter reveal of a new location, The Western Approach.

In stark contrast, we have the lush and glorious images of The Emerald Graves:

Emerald grave 1Emerald grave 2Emerald grave 3Emerald grave 4

Wow, combining this with the images we’ve seen of the icy environments, we seem to slowly be covering every classic environmental type. If each one is as large as they look, there will be a ton of exploration in Dragon Age: Inquisition, something that has been seriously lacking in the franchise thus far. We haven’t seen many city environments thus far, though – it will be curious to see if they avoid the urban landscape after the backlash they received from Dragon Age II.

This new offering from Bioware is just the thing that I need this year. It will be great to have a solid Western RPG to indulge in. As much as I love an open-world sandbox, it’s really nice to have the stories and character development that Bioware deliver so well. Now I just need to remember what choices I made with my original characters in the first two games. Maybe I should get cracking on yet another replay, or I might just have to start the third game from scratch and pretend this is my first Dragon Age game.

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