EA Announces Dynamic Player Form in FIFA 2009

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This is a risky but possibly hugely rewarding move for EA Games.

This year for the first time ever the players form in FIFA 2009 is going to replicate their real life form. So if Gerrard gets into a streak of scoring in every game then you better hope that you don’t play against Liverpool in the online league.

Or if Rooney continuously loses his temper then you know who to slide into more often.

This could truly make FIFA 2009 the most immersive football game ever.

If it’s implemented well it could be the killer blow to the PES defense this year.

However there is a downside, what if the EA stats guys start showing their personal preference as the season goes on? What if the form is debatable or my teams progress through the ranks is halted purely because Ferguson is a tactical fool?

It’s risky… but it just may pay off.

Keep an eye out for the FIFA 2009 demo on PSN and Live as of the 11th of September.

Last Updated: August 22, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • PO7H3AD

    The fact will always remain, no matter what fifa implements, if they don’t do anything about their gameplay and stop making it feel like a bunch of robots on the field who find it outrageously hard to run diagonally then they will never get the football fans who are looking for an authentic game and will be stuck with the people who just want a game to play

    That said, its a good idea but I don’t think its going to work out

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