Facebreaker. Heart-broken.

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So I finally got to take a look at some of Facebreaker’s gameplay footage and I can’t say that I feel too impressed.

I was under the impression that the game would be a bit more of a casual version of Fight Night but with cool animations and nifty graphics. It looks more like an arcade fighter to me, no different to a lot of the 2D fighters that have been out there for years.

I hope that my first impressions are off because I thought that this new franchise had potential, but I lost interest in button mashing long ago.

[Ed] I have to disagree with you Nick, I downloaded it over the weekend and while it wasn’t anything like Fight Night I did really enjoy it. I found it to be closer to Dead or Alive than Fight Night though.

Last Updated: August 4, 2008

Nick De Bruyne

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  • I think that’s exactly what Nick is referring too, I have to admit I agree with Nick on this one, facebreaker’s initial marketing gave off a very different appeal to what we’re currently getting, and I’m a little disappointed and after watching some of the gameplay footage I’m not that keen on downloading the demo to check it out.

  • DarkOcean

    (Gorilla Tactic) Just play Soul Calibur IV 😉

  • Fudzy

    Played it for about 5 minutes this morning, I was sad to see they lost that innovative use of the right analogue stick. Also, were EA the company behind Ready 2 Rumble? If not I’d be expecting a lawsuit soon.

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