Fifa 09 to have 10 vs 10 online

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Both the xbox 360 and ps3 versions of Fifa 09 are set to have 10 vs 10 online. The Line Producer on the 360 and ps3 versions, David Rutter said, “We’ve managed to get 10 v 10 this year online through strength of will and technological nous. we want to make sure the control system for controlling goalkeepers is compelling enough before putting it in, because no game has done it particularly well, if it’s even been in there.”

“So we want to make sure it’s good enough before putting it in because the last thing you want to do is say “tada – 11 v 11″… and the goal keepers are rubbish.”


David also confirmed that there will be no visible difference between either console this year which means that the anti-aliasing on the ps3 will now be running in full effect when the game is released.

While Konami has had to go back to the drawing board and make pes 2009 what pes 2008 should have been, EA are making huge strides to get ahead ahead of their rivals and one can say that they are definitely the ones pushing the boundaries of football games and sports games in general. Lets hope this pushes Konami to improve so we don’t just have one title dominating

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Last Updated: September 2, 2008

  • spargish

    well 10v10 is all very good and well but considering we couldnt even get 1v1 to work in “be the pro the mode” im not really enthralled by the prospect of 10v10 🙄

    I just wanna know why cech looks like a complete retard ❓

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