Harmonix working on a next-gen story-based music game?

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Vader, sir. We've Found the Rebel Bass!

Guitar Hero is dead, and Rock Band is pretty much on its knees as well – so what’s a studio that specifically makes rhythm games to do? It seems Harmonix might be busy getting a new motion-controlled story-based, adventure music game ready to go – for the next generation of consoles.

That’s the suggestion offered by a number of job posts by the company.

The first of such posts asks for a software engineer to deal with a “brand new IP and next-generation consoles”. Next, they’re looking for narrative, content and level designers, “a unique motion-gaming IP.”

“Harmonix seeks an accomplished Narrative Designer to incorporate creative story lines into gameplay on a unique motion-gaming IP,” says one of the job listing, found by gaming super-sleuth Supererogatory.  It seems the company wants to somehow build “emotionally compelling story lines that serve as the basis for game levels”is asking for help with  “narrative worldbuilding material for the game world”, and somebody to build “immersive play experiences that use game mechanics, environmental design and cinematic moments to express narrative”.

As it’s a motion-based thing, and considering Harmonix’s recent affair with Microsoft, this could end up being the first game for the next generation of Kinect. It also mean’s you won’t need any fake plastic drums, microphones or guitar2-D2’s.

As it’s still in the very, very early stages, we don’t quite know if it’ll be more Guitaroo Man, or more Brutal Legend. I’m happy with either, to be honest.

Last Updated: May 4, 2012

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