Haze demo a mess

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The Haze demo has been released and the early reviews are not being kind.

Haze is supposed to be the PS3’s answer to Halo but with the added twist of NECTAR. A drug that enhances human abilities and creates super soldiers. Unfortunately in the game all it seems to do is create coloured streaks on the screen and not much else.

According to Wham gaming the game doesn’t fit well together and only starts explaining the uses of NECTAR to far into the game.

There future for Haze? Outlook not so good.

Let’s hope they can sort out the issues before it gets released.

CANOE — WHAM Gaming – PS3: ‘Haze’ demo a mess

Last Updated: October 22, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • J4NR1K

    Let us hope they manage to fix this one… and then port it to the 360. 🙂

  • Ruslan

    The 360 & PC games are in due later since its a timed exclusive for the PS3. And here I was having high hopes for this PS3 game. Sigh.

  • abev

    Who are wham? Jeez guys one mediocre review and everyone jumps ship. Have faith!

  • papa-action

    Never heard of these “WHAM Gaming” okes. How credible are they? I also don’t put much faith in reviews of demos.

  • Ruslan

    I will keep that argument in mind if there is ever a MGS4 demo. 😉

  • doobiwan

    I feel sorry for the devs, but unfortunately Haze has just never done it for me. I hate to use the term, but it’s always been “just another shooter” like Blacksite or Soldier of Fortune.

    In another place and time it might have been worth the attention, but launching against CoD4, UT3 and even Quake wars it has little hope of excelling on any merit other than exclusivity.

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