Midway Releases First-Look at Scorpions Fatality

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Scorpion has always been one of my favourite Mortal Kombat fighters and he most certainly one of the most Iconic. Today midway have released a couple screenshots of Scorpions Fatality. It is his fatality from the very first Mortal Kombat and just seems to bring a smile to my face with the thought of doing it to Batman.

Obviously in the true MK spirit, the pictures are of another very iconic fighter, Sub Zero, getting fried to a crisp.


Spot the Difference and you can call yourself a real MK fan.


However this brings about the question, would you be able to fry superman to a crisp and how is anybody supposed to hurt the man of steel unless they’re all been bathed in Kryptonite

Last Updated: September 3, 2008

  • The last I heard regarding the Superman issue is that Superman (as any comic nerd should know) is also weak against magic (and not only Kryptonite), so they are basically saying that all the abilities of the MK characters got something to do with magic.

    Werners last blog post..Midway Releases First-Look at Scorpions Fatality

  • On that note, you are looking forward to frying Batman… the same goes for me regarding Superman :mrgreen:

    Werners last blog post..Midway Releases First-Look at Scorpions Fatality

  • I guess I’m not comic nerd enough because I had no clue about that

    Bretts last blog post..Midway Releases First-Look at Scorpions Fatality

  • Yes that is there reasoning, Superman is in fact screwed when it comes to magic. So I guess its not such a bad excuse. Same thing with how they explained the Star Wars characters Lightsabers in SCIV, that the materials in the SCIV universe are able to resist the beams. Oh my, just realised how much of a geek I am. Whatever works I guess.

  • So they basically said that Harry Potter can defeat Superman 😯

    Bretts last blog post..Midway Releases First-Look at Scorpions Fatality

  • spargish

    I think the kryptonite excuse would have been alot better , if dc
    have made him vulnerable to magic why hasnt a magician come along andand beaten him in the comics or in the movies . I guess i just dont understand dc very much , i mean batman is a crime fighter not a super hero πŸ˜‰

  • Syph1n

    Had a similar geek discussion in my place of work. And out of all the arguements this made the most sense to me. Supermans receives his powers (or at least some of them)from the sun. In outworld there is no sun so he is weakened

  • Bboy

    I think the coolest thing to do (and give some credit to superman for once and make himm a bit more of a badass) would be to have him with a medallion of kryptonite blinging around his neck cos he likes a challenge?

  • Syph1n

    So he’s a masochist now?? πŸ˜‰

  • Bboy

    Yeah, wouldn’t that be waaay cooler. And then for fatalities he just takes the kryptonite off and shows off.

  • spargish

    I betta be ready 😑 for a flame or 2 for what im about to say
    But this game would be alot more appealing to me and and to the mainstream if it was MK vs Marvel , mainly because i grew up with marvel and wasnt exposed to dc

    I personally would like to see
    Sub Zero vs Pyro or human torch , Scorpion vs iceman , jax vs colossus and kano vs gambit or deadpool

  • Ramiz


    i totally agree but the already did the whole capcom vs marvel
    and it turned out well enough to a point, i just hope they dont
    kill this idea too

  • OddSockZA

    Well enough to a point?

    Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is quite possibly one of the best 2D fighters ever ever made. The superior Dreamcast port (not much of a port, the arcade version ran on the Dreamcast derived Sega NAOMI arcade hardware)
    has a metacritic rating of 90%.

  • Fudzy

    Cool! Where are the screenshots from?

  • Press Release from Ster Kinekor

    Bretts last blog post..New Halo 3 Achievements Rumour

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