Ninja Gaiden II to receive 25 new missions

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Strategy Informer reports that Microsoft has announced additional content for Ninja Gaiden II, saying:

Microsoft announced today that it will be releasing 25 new missions for Ninja Gaiden II on Xbox 360, which is said to be the “equivalent to a whole new campaign mode”.

While Ninja Gaiden II was an incredibly tough game and nearly had me introducing my controller to my apartments windows a few times, it was a really great and rewarding game and a whole bunch of new levels that add up to an almost entirely new campaign will be a very welcome addition indeed.

This does however beg the question: “How much?”.

source: StrategyInformer

Last Updated: July 22, 2008

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  • Flameboy

    And will it be completely new or just a rehash of old levels?

  • damn I still got to finish the other INSANELY DIFFICULT levels…

  • JimBob

    We probably won’t be able to access this content without the proxy workaround because we can’t download the demo.

  • I’m still struggling to kill that damn last boss… and the fact that there is no save point after the 2nd last boss doesn’t help my frustration levels at all.

    Werner’s last blog post..Ninja Gaiden II to receive 25 new missions

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