Prepare for trouble (and make it double) – Cho’gall has been unleashed in Heroes of the Storm!

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Just yesterday, I told you all that Cho’gall, the dual-headed Chieftain of the Twilight Hammer clan, would be coming to Heroes of the Storm soon. I’ve been quite eager to get my hands on him (or them dammit) because I had such a blast in that one game alone at BlizzCon, where a Korean journalist and I wreaked havoc together, even though we barely understood each other. I won’t have to wait much longer to replicate that fun with friends thankfully, because Cho’gall has now joined the Nexus!

If you have no idea who the hell Cho’gall is, let me bring you up to speed quick. He’s the first ever cooperative hero to be added to Heroes of the Storm (and the first of his kind in a MOBA as far as I’m concerned). He actually requires two people to play, which on paper, sounds absolutely terrible.

It isn’t though. In practice, it’s a ton of fun! One person controls the movement of Cho’gall, along with some spells, while the other has their own separate set of abilities to worry about. Here’s a breakdown of their what the pair can actually do


Basic Abilities

Two-headed (trait)

Gall is permanently attached to you, going where you go.

Surging Fist (Q)

Wind up for at least 1 second temporarily slowing yourself, then reactivate to charge in a direction. Enemies in your path are knocked aside and take 101 (48 + 4% per level) damage.

Consuming Blaze (W)

Ignite nearby enemies, dealing 294 (140 + 4% per level) damage over 3.94 seconds. If this hits an enemy, gain 596 (283 + 4% per level) Health over 4 seconds.

Rune Bomb (E)

Roll a bomb dealing 200 (95 + 4% per level) damage to enemies in its path. Gall can use Runic Blast to detonate it to deal 601 (285 + 4% per level) damage in an area.

Heroic Abilities

Upheaval (R)

After 1 second pull enemies towards your direction, slowing them by 25% for 3 seconds and dealing 110 (52 + 4% per level) damage.

Hammer of Twilight (R)

Passively increases Basic Attack damage by 25%. Activate to swing the Hammer to deal 377 (164 + 4.5% per level) damage, push enemies away, and stun for 0.75 seconds.



Basic Abilities

Two-headed (trait)

Permanently attached to Cho, going where he goes. You are immune to Stun and Silence effects.

Shadowflame (Q)

Deal 391 (155 + 5% per level) damage to enemies in the area.

Dread Orb (W)

Throw a bomb that will bounce three times, dealing 393 (156 + 5% per level) damage to enemies.

Runic Blast (E)

Detonate Cho’s Rune Bomb, dealing 601 (285 + 4% per level) damage around it.

Heroic Abilities

Twisting Nether (R)

After 1 second, nearby enemies are slowed by 40% while you channel, up to 5 seconds. Activate to deal 750 (356 + 4% per level) damage.

Shadow Bolt Volley (R)

Unleash 19.375 Shadow Bolts over 3.875 seconds, each dealing 226 (108 + 4% per level) damage to the first target hit. The bolts fire towards your mouse.


If you’re keen to get your hands on the duo, it’s actually pretty easy. All you need to do is find somebody who owns Cho’gall already (somebody who has a BlizzCon virtual ticket for example), and win two games with them. If you own Cho’gall aleady, you can give him to somebody who doesn’t by winning 4 games with them as one of the heads. Doing so will give you a nice fat gold reward of 2200.

What are you waiting for? Go forth and let the Cho’gall virus multiply!

Last Updated: November 18, 2015

Matthew Figueira

Defence of the Ancients? More like Defence of the cabbages! Have you seen my head? I look like a Merino Sheep on pole. NO SHANGE only SHAPPIES! :D

  • I am available for rent as I own him. 🙂

    • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

      [cue the sexual innuendo]

      • It is a Blizzard game so the obligatory “Mount me for a mount” post accepted. 😛

      • kerryjonson

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    • SmurFyZA

      Plz can we play sometime? Would love to have this hero

      • Yeah sure just jump on our Teamspeak at and poke me for an invite. Should be home by 5ish. Otherwise Revanstorm will also be in the channel and he also has Cho’Gal.

        • SmurFyZA

          Sweeeeeeet! Will do. Ill be home just after 5

    • Lardus-For the Emperor!

      Lolz yes please! 😛

      • Just jump on my TS tonight and ask for an invite. 🙂

        • Lardus-For the Emperor!

          Thanks! Hopefully I am online tonight as well 🙂

        • Lardus-For the Emperor!

          Got online last night only to realise that my new headset does not have a darn microphone. Will make sure to bring the old one home tonight and try again!

  • Nikola

    Chogall really?? So many other better raid bosses from WoW they could have added he was end boss of Bastion of Twilight and kind of didn’t matter much to the story really in my opinion!

    • Lardus-For the Emperor!

      I think they chose him because he can bring something totally different than the norm with the 2-player thing. I do agree though there are much better characters available to them to bring in from their different IPs.

      • Nikola

        Didn’t catch the whole 2 player thing lol

    • Not many choices for co-op characters really.

      • Nikola

        True true.

        • They could make a Raggy 3 player character. One player plays Ragnaros,1 player is the left hand and one player is Sulfuras the right hand of Ragnaros. 😛

          • Nikola

            Hahah true they must add Raggy he is a classic:) Still got the hammer from Molten Core love that thing:)

  • Lardus-For the Emperor!
  • Pariah

    Sargon and I played this earlier. Man this hero is amazing. Loads of fun, especially with a friend who you can communicate and time your abilities together with. Really an amazing and unique hero.

  • Pariah

    Also interesting to note – the hero’s name becomes and amalgamation of the two people playing it. For instance – Sargon and I end up as Sar’shZA if he’s Cho and I’m Gall. It becomes Tos’rgon if I’m Cho and he’s Gall. Super cool touch.

  • J_Joestar

    quite interesting and fun, but nearly a week now and finding him to often being the worse choice vs 2 competently played separate heroes.
    at least thats my experience in QMs with him

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