PS3 Keypad Announced

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PS3 Keypad

Meet the PS3 keypad which is blatantly in the wrong place.

I understand they didn’t want to be called out for copying the 360 but really this is pretty much impossible to use while gaming… Anyway apart from the horrific design decision the keypad is actually pretty fantastic.

It has a touchpad built in, do you see it? Sony have incredibly made all the buttons mini touchpads so that when activated you can just swipe across the keys to replicate mouse movement.

Now that’s innovation and is something I could see them porting over to their laptops and cellphones in the future.

As a usable PS3 accessory though I think it’s dead in the water.

Last Updated: August 21, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Banana hammock

    I disagree, this is exactly what i’ve been looking for. I don’t want some big ass keyboard lying around my TV room. This i can clip on when i want to type a message and then clip it off again. Simple and good-looking, just wonder what the price is going to be.

  • scotty777

    well… The only problem i have with the position is that it would be awkward while gaming because suddenly the weight is at the front.

    BUT, i thing this is really a clever idea, and it seems like sony is just filled with innovation lately…

  • JimBob

    I don’t see the point really. I find the PS3’s on-screen QWERTY keyboard to be really quick and responsive, so it’s not too much of a chore to use, plus you can set up little templates quite easily (e.g keen to join me for some Motorstorm?) using the predictive text dictionary.

  • What a joke.

    CraigN’s last blog post..Xbox 360 announcements from Leipzig

  • baba

    Agreed, the onscreen QWERTY is amazing, sometimes much faster than typing because of the predictive text.

    I guess they put the keyboard in front because that is where the USB port is located, but if you look closely at the picture you’ll see that the pad is more on top than in front of the controller.

  • AL

    i still say xbox keypad rocks pity they didn’t think of th multi touch pad idea.

  • baba

    I don’t see anything funny.

  • i do see the need for this. I know of a few people who don’t have PCs and can’t be arsed to unpack their work laptops to go on-line. Switch on the PS3 and you’re there.

    Some find the onscreen keyboard sufficient, others want an actual keyboard.

    As for the k/b being at the front, well it kinda has to slot in there, look at the PS3 DS contoller, wouldn’t fit nicely at the bottom.

    Milesh Bhana ZA’s last blog post..Prey [360]

  • JimBob

    The 360 already has a similar thing-a-ma-jig.

  • Who types whilst playing games anyway. This device will be attached when you want type out a message, but hardly once playing and if you really need to whilst playing, then attach it to your 2nd controller and pick that up to type πŸ˜‰ I’ll get one. Looks interesting.

  • LazySAGamer

    When the 360 keypad was launched the first thing I thought of was being able to group squads together in RTS games and give them a hotkey. Microsoft never allowed it but maybe Sony will?

  • Sold! Perfect for me.

  • I’ll be getting one of these.
    Pretty cool idea with the touchpads, way to go sony.

  • Probably up to to the game developers to support it? Since the PS3 supports normal USB keyboard and mouse also they devs might consider it as there are potentially more players that would have that option. But then again, LazyDeveloper? πŸ™„

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