Quake wars – Xbox 360 vs PS3

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I love these comparisons, normally you can’t really tell the difference in actual video quality but you sometimes get to see some differences in gameplay or physics…

If my memory serves me right there hasn’t yet been a multi-platform game where the PS3 has won the comparisons hands down?…. Granted some sites have said the PS3 version of Burnout, Oblivion, COD4 and GTAIV are better but as a grand total they have either been the same or the 360 has won…

However that is about to change, the Xbox 360 version of this game is gimped…. While the graphics look the same, in general, on both the lack of first person view in vehicles and terrible close up detail kills the 360 this time around.

I have to say I am very suprised by this as Quake has always been a major PC title and the 360’s architecture is much closer to the PC than the PS3… however if this video is to be believed then the PS3 is going to run away with this one..

If your a multi-console owner you are going to want to get this on the PS3…. I think that is the first cross platform title ever where this has been the case, times are certainly changing…

Last Updated: June 3, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • Jonni

    according to IGN the graphics are MUCH worse in the PS3 version- they took off a whole point because of this. Also on metacritic the ps3 version has a significantly lower score. I watched the vid and to me the xbox graphics looked better. Cockpit view is an nice feature though.

  • Nduimiso

    so far all comparisons ive read rate the ps3 version a lot worse, knocking off usually 10% from its score compared to the 360 score.

  • fail.

  • Banana hammock

    I think you’ve got this one backwards Lazy, i read that it’s the PS3 version that had the serious issues. Not that anyone cares about Quake Wars however…

  • Fred

    So why all the hate on the ps3 version … something is wrong here …

  • It’s a case of a [email protected] porting team, leaving features out like that is unforgiveable. I’d care, but I don’t. QW was interesting last year. We have BF:BC due out in less than a month, don’t waste your time or money on either version.

    doobiwan’s last blog post..The Games that made the consoles

  • j4nr1k

    JA, with BFBC just a few weeks away now… who cares about Quake…?

  • Ooh, ow, it just gets worse for poor Quake wars.

    @Fred – this is why:
    “the PS3 game has a look not too dissimilar to a PC game from a few years ago. On the Xbox 360 more care has been made to bring over the PC game’s impressive visuals, and as such this version doesn’t look out of place on Microsoft’s console.”

    “It’s also worth noting that the PS3 version generally runs at a slower frame rate than the Xbox 360 game, with some terrible slowdown when lots of geometry is on screen.”

    The long and the short is, regardless which version, don’t buy it.

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