So you’ve bought a Wii U and you need some games

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Wii U

In case you haven’t heard yet, the Wii U is selling for a mere R999 today at Toys R Us. That’s a bloody good price. But you’re going to need a game to go with it, and that costs a tad bit more. So what games should you buy? Well, if you value our magnificent opinions, then click on through for a list of games that we’ve reviewed on the Wii U so far.

You can’t go wrong with Super Mario, while ZombiU will leave you with a dire sense of needing new pants. There’s also the packed-in NintendoLand and several third party games available, such as Darksiders, Arkham City: Armoured Edition, Call of Duty: Black Ops II – plus a host of wonderful eShop games (we have full access to the digital store) like Mighty Switch Force and Trine 2. And don’t forget: The console is fully backwards compatible!

That’s a whole library of Wii games with which to scrounge around in the bargain bins for. Score! Here’s all of our reviews so far for Wii U games:

New Super Mario Bros U
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Lego City Undercover
Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Assassin’s Creed 3
Rabbids Land
The Wii U itself

True, it’s a bit scant at the moment, but with games such as Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101 and an HD version of the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on the way, things are looking good for this console in the long run.

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Last Updated: May 30, 2013

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Darryn Bonthuys

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  • Spathi

    I did I did!!! I’m the proud owner of a new WiiU. I just need some friends now to play MHU3 with me…

    • Admiral Chief Commander

      congrats dude!

      • Spathi


        • Admiral Chief Commander

          i hope you have endless hours of fun on it

    • i also got one, gonna set it up when i get home. am planning on getting MHU3 but got zombieu for now

  • Admiral Chief Commander

    my friend sent his wife to go buy one, and she succeeded!

    well done to you madam and sir!

    • Trevor Davies


      • Admiral Chief Commander

        yarrr, i have ze photographic evidence, must say, really impressed

  • That was a good deal, unfortunately my budget wouldn’t allow me, 🙁

    • Admiral Chief Commander

      i wanted to get one, but then i took an arrow to the budget-sack

      • Eish really bad hey, it would have been nice to get one but there are bigger consoles & game to focus to like EA said, 🙁

        • Admiral Chief Commander

          meh, just focus on pc, problem solved 🙂

      • CaptainNemo42


        • Unavengedavo

          I read ballsack 😐

          • Admiral Chief Commander

            was implied….also, stop staring at my twigglybits dammit

      • Trevor Davies

        You’re lucky that’s all you took, I want to buy a new car next month :/

        • Admiral Chief Commander

          whatchoo looking at?

          • Trevor Davies

            I’m leaning towards a Kia Rio – it’s pretty 😀

          • Admiral Chief Commander

            pretty? ok so you don’t buy cars for function?


            jk, rio’s are cool

  • DarthofZA

    i got 2 😀 Anyone want to buy a Wii-U 😛

    • Admiral Chief Commander

      i’ll give you r500 as its second hand now

      • Andre116

        I’ll give R550.

      • Skoobaz

        nice xcom profile pic there admiral.

        how be your battles with them alyans going?

        • Admiral Chief Commander

          going so damn well dude, thanks for asking. i love this game to bits! a good awesome friend gifted me a steam copy, and i cannot put it down (the game, not the friend)

          have you played?

          • Skoobaz

            playing through the game this whole week man. the gameplay is brilliant. a couple my early soldiers died heroically in battle last night and i was horrified. immersion is fantastic. gfx are a bit dated but hey, that’s not the point. check out xcom dot nexus for a couple cool mods, like changing all the ranks to operative ( for instance ). it’s a bit silly having 5 captains in one attache. so am I playing the game? hell yeah!!!!!!!!

          • Admiral Chief Commander

            have not lost a trooper, gots my psi troopers all levelled up as well. but ja, with you on the immersion, blerrie awesome.

            jamming on pc?

          • Skoobaz

            where else? trollol

          • Admiral Chief Commander

            hahaha, ofcourse.

            add me on steam, i wanna unlock some mp achievements when i finish the sp
            (admiral chief)

        • matthurstrsa

          PSA: XCOM is on sale at the moment at Amazon. $10.

          And that is why PC gaming is kickass.

    • Gavin does! he went out to get one today, but they were sold out already.

      • Andre116

        I thought they gave you consoles for good reviews?

        • We got one unit..not enough for all staff. 😉

          • Andre116

            Should have read the fine print.

          • HvR

            One the PC hardware, could guys maybe write a review of good south african online hardware retailers.

    • TechniKyle


  • TechniKyle


  • Andre116

    Sigh…somehow I doubt there will be any left when I leave for work today. le sigh.

    • CypherGate

      I feel your pain…

  • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

    Is this still available?

    • Andre116

      I’m guessing it was sold out roughly 5min after the doors opened.

      • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

        So sad …. Anyhoo full price is not too bad……NOT!

  • Also, this just reminds me how fucking GREAT a time I had with ZombiU. What a fine, fine experience.

    • TechniKyle

      😀 That is the ONLY reason why I want this console! I don’t care about the other fluff, I just want to play that game!

  • Argentil
  • FoxOneZA – X-Therminator

    Toys R Us don’t know when they’ll be getting anymore stock. Sounds dodgy to me because the last time they said the same thing about the XBox 360 and stopped stocking it totally.

    • HvR

      I phoned around to the closest 3 stores to me, 1 didn;t stock the special the other 2 had less than 5 units. One of those go stand overnight in the rain specials.

    • HvR

      You can always go to the store with the ad (they did not advertise very limited stock like 3 only etc) go all ape shit about what stinking bastards they are trying to lure people into their store and how it is against the consumer protection act. Then they will offer you voucher for one at the discounted price.

      • FoxOneZA – X-Therminator

        If they don’t give customers vouchers then it’s against the CPA because they were understocked and they never state on the advertisement just how many would be available.

  • Tbone187

    Monster Hunter is all you need really…

  • CypherGate

    Can anyone tell me if there are any left at Canal Walk? I finish work at 5 and REALLY wana scoop one up!

  • Magius

    All the jo’burg store were sold out by 9. Sandton City sold out within 5 mins of opening, people were queuing since 6am

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