Telkom selling the Xbox 360 Arcade

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There has been quite a bit of Internet noise about the fact that Telkom is currently running a Xbox 360 Arcade promotion.

You pick up the Arcade with an extra controller but without the two retail games (PGR3 and DOA4) for R3007.99 or R108.75 per month.

Now personally I don’t see the special apart from being able to pay it off over a rumoured 36 months (just long enough to cover your 3 year warranty)

I don’t recommend paying a console off over 36 months but if you really need one and don’t have the cash then this may be the offer for you. It starts today and the first 600 people get a free video phone to abuse your bandwidth with…

Telkom SA Limited

Last Updated: December 18, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Burns ZA

    Paying it off costs you R907 odd in interest over the three years. It’s not worth it – you could buy a mongoose for that money, or atleast two games.

  • doobiwan

    But if you don’t have the cash and your kids are nagging, R110 a month seems quite affordable.

    I also suspect it’s Telkom seeding the market with IPTV set top boxes. My inner conspiracist thinks maybe it’s also an ADSL sell on and maybe they know something about local Live we don’t 😉

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