Warwick’s return to League of Legends is terrifying

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Warwick’s long awaited return and rework got a horrifying reward last night as Riot released his new trailer struck straight from your deepest, darkest nightmare.

While this was our first glimpse of Warwick (unless you kept you eyes closed in fear) we have seen pieces of him before. Over on Universe, the League of Legends lore website, Warwick’s beginnings were showcased in the “Engineering the Nightmare” story where his augmentation is detailed in a number of images ripped from the pages of a mad scientist. In the story you learned of Singed, the mad scientist, who experimented on humans. At the end we see someone/thing hanging from the ceiling which we now know is Warwick.


The trailer reassured all lore fans that Warwick was in fact an experiment by Singed, but what his motivations are, or his missions, are currently unclear.

The trailer takes place in Zaun, and what we see is a man running for his life as he and his partner are being pursued by some beast. His partner, equipped with some weapon, seems far more calm as our Zaunian friend runs for his life. He eventually mounts a small escape (leaving his companion to die) until Warwick smells blood.

Riot often enjoy hinting at specific abilities in their launch trailers. When we see Warwick sniffing the air, smelling the blood, which we may remember the old Warwick who had an ability called Bloodscent. The ability is pretty self explanatory – he gains movement speed while near an enemy on low health. Warwick also showcases high mobility jumping from buildings and becoming enraged once initiating his final blow. All of these small “hints” are often pointing at new, exciting abilities, or reworked ones. For now, we can speculate, but expect a full report once the changes are released on January 20th.

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Last Updated: January 10, 2017

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  • Hammersteyn

    The trailer looks like it belongs to a better game, like Bioshock

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      Or Dota……

      • Hammersteyn

        I said better 😛

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