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Friday Fight Club – The devil made us do it

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We’re pitting the original big bad against himself today, as we see which silver screen incarnation can claim the title of original villain. In one corner, we’ve got the cancer-stealing, deal-making presence of Peter Stormare, while in the opposite corner, we’ve got the rockin’ apocalypse of Dave Grohl in a devil suit. Who will win? You decide!

The Devil – Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

Look at my devil. He’s the very embodiment of every single 1980s heavy metal album, a collection of evil thousands of years in the making that will rip your guts out as he rips some tasty shreds on his guitar. He’s pure evil, sadistic and horny in more ways than one, and he’s coming for your soul. Complete or not, his is a power to rip a way through hell itself into our world, to get what he wants, and unless you know a latin chant or some sweet tunes, then you’re pretty much screwed.

A European with oily feet in a clean suit versus the true prince of darkness? Puh-lease, Foo Fighter Devil will use your innards for a drum kit and still beat some tasty jams out of it.

– Darryn

Lucifer – Constantine

Okay people, let’s be honest. We don’t live in the middle ages anymore, and we really can’t take a red guy with hooves seriously anymore in this day and age.

The devil isn’t a clown, he’s the prince of darkness and also happens to be extremely charismatic and I dare say…stylish. What says that more than descending from the air with a white suit, all malicious presence and intimidating, oil dripping from his feet as even his touch taints purity into filth?

Yes, a devil shredding an epic tune on a guitar is fine but we need a devil that isn’t only sophisticated…he also has real power. He can destroy anything in his path with sheer will alone and bring time to a stand still. What happens when the angel Gabriel tries to smite him? Lucifer unleashes all-consuming hellfire, making sure Gabriel has a very bad day…that, and he can cure cancer.

Now THAT is a Lucifer that invokes fear and awe. The 80’s called, it wants it red guy back!

– Lourens

Last Updated: September 14, 2012

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