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Adam Sandlers up for the western spoof, the RIDICULOUS SIX

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Oh Adam Sandler, what I wouldn’t give for you to be funny and relevant once more. Over the last couple of years, your films have steadily declind, and the last time that I genuinely laughed, was in Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

But that was at Benecio Del Toro, not you. And for your next project, my enthusiasm wanes even further, as you prepare to take the piss out of the western genre.

That’s the name of the game, as Sandler has signed up to star in the Ridiculous Six, spoof of the wild west. Just like that Will Smith film. Confirmed by Paramount, it sounds like the film will be taking the mickey out of that other beloved classic, the Magnificent Seven.

Little else is known at this point, but I’m guessing that it involves six terrible gunslingers banding together and finding the hero within themselves to help save a town or sumthin’.

Sandlers’ production company, Happy Madison will produce the film, with Sandler himself contributing to the sketch alongside Tim Herlihy. I’m calling it right now, that Kevin james, Chris Rock and David Spade joins the project as part of the six cowboys.

Shooting starts next year in the American spring. Shooting myself in the head to avoid this, starts much, much sooner.

Last Updated: October 26, 2012

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  1. Adam Sandler is quite possibly my least favourite “AAA” actor. I’ve found him atrocious in everything he’s ever played in.


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