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Sin City 2 starts shooting, adds one old and one new cast member

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It’s happening. After years of delays, scheduling conflicts and general faffing about, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller began filming yesterday on Sin City 2, a sequel to the cult classic 2005 film.

Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson are back, as well as a familiar other face, and a new one that is inhabiting a familiar role.

Jaime King is back, as Goldie, or at least the sister of the gorgeous call girl who was used to frame Mickey Rourke’s character in the first film, after she was murdered.

Meanwhile, another Jamie is also present, in the form of Jamie Chung, who’ll be taking over the role of Miko, the silent ninja assassin prostitute that Devon Aoki originally played.

This time, the sequel will mix old and new storylines, with some of them taking place before the first film, a decent reason as to why Marv is once again tearing up Basin City.

Clive Owen will also return, but briefly, as his character of Dwight requires some extensive facial surgery in his tale, with an unknown actor taking over later on.

The film is shooting right now in its signature hyper-violent graphic novel style, and is aiming for an October 2013 release date.

Last Updated: October 30, 2012

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