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Dominic Cooper is going to be Fleming, Ian Fleming

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The name of Ian Fleming should ring a bell to anyone here. After all, the man is responsible for the suavest secret agent to ever hold a Walter PPK pistol. I’m taking about Bond, James Bond of course. The novels that Fleming wrote about the MI6 agent usually had intense fights, dangerous car chases, spectacular confrontations and the world at stake in showdowns of epic proportions. Kind of like the scenarios that Fleming had found himself in before he put pen to paper, in his real life.

Fresh off a gig in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Dominic Cooper looks set to assume the role of the legendary author in a four part mini-series based on the life of Fleming, according to Variety. Titled “Fleming”, the series will examine the younger days of the James Bond creator, from his time spent in the navy from which he was personally recruited into the intelligence division during world war 2, through to his days spent as a commander who came up with ways to make life difficult for the Nazis.

Once the war was over and done with, Fleming then spent time as the chief planner for 30 Assault Unit, a squad of 138 specially trained commandos who took part in all manner of James Bond activities. Except for real, and with less diabolical super-terrorist organisations hidden away in fake volcanos probably.

It must have been a good life for Fleming, because the near the end of it, he expressed regret that  “always smoked and drunk and loved too much.” Let’s see if Cooper can capture some of the charm and danger that made Fleming so legendary when shooting kicks off later this year.


Last Updated: January 17, 2013

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  1. Lourens Corleone

    January 17, 2013 at 12:41

    Dominic Cooper is one of my favourite actors currently. Have you seen The Devil’s Double? He was amazing.


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