The Netflix season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT will be the final Bluth family reunion

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I know that on this site I would be flogged for this comment, but if there is one big budget TV show that I’m actually looking forward to more than Doctor Who, it’s Arrested Development. Back in 2011, online movie and TV show streaming Juggernaught buffered in the news that they would be bankrolling a brand new fourth season of the cult show.

Unfortunately, it’s also going to be the very last that we ever see of the Bluth family.

Speaking at a conference that SlashFilm picked up on, NetFlix CEO Reed Hastings confirmed that only one season had been commisioned by them for Arrested Development. What that means basically, is that the show will end for good once it finishes its online run, as the deal to get the Bluths together was a “one-off”, and was done under “non-repeatable” circumstances.

Still, fourteen episodes is better than no episodes, and hopefully, this season can end on a high note with a finale that the cast deserves. The majority of the Arrested Development cast have gone on to bigger and brighter careers in Hollywood as it is, and getting a fourth season out with all of them is a milestone of note.

Arrested Development returns later this year, provided that you’re a Netflix member.

Last Updated: February 26, 2013

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