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Steven Spielberg and Bradley Cooper have an AMERICAN SNIPER in their crosshairs

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With Bradley Cooper now dropping out of the very troubled Jane Got a Gun so that he can concentrate on American Hustle, it looks like a gap has opened up his schedule. So what’s next? Extra time PRing the hell out of the final Hangover film?

Nope, Cooper has something else in his scope entirely. Some American Sniping, to be precise.

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Based on the autobiography of Chris Kyle, American Sniper details the career of the deadliest marksman in US military history. Kyle spent a career notching up numerous kills, to the point where he now holds the dubious record of having the most recorded kills ever. Sadly, his life was cut short in an ironic twist of fate on a Texas shooting range.

Cooper has been working on producing the film for a while now, and according to this random tweet from THR writer Borys Kit, it looks like he just landed a top notch director for the flick:


It’s not unthinkable, but then again, Spielberg is currently approaching Guillermo Del Toro levels of insanity with regards to the amount of projects that he happens to be involved in. What this means for that other flick of his, Robopocalypse, is uncertain, but it should be an interesting project nonetheless.

Last Updated: May 3, 2013

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