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Shane Black delves into pulp fiction with Doc Savage

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Shane Black is a popular guy right now. Iron Man 3 is cleaning up to the box office and under Black’s vision the film is being praised by most critics and fans alike. You’ll then be as excited as I am when it was reported that that our favourite Christmas-enthusiast has already closed a deal to co-write and direct his next film, and it is going to be featuring another larger than life character…Doc Savage.


If you aren’t familiar with Doc Savage, he was a popular pulp character from the 30’s and 40’s who appeared in comic books, film and even on the radio who rights wrongs and punishes evil-doers, which includes the villain John Sunlight, who mirrors Doc Savage in abilities. What abilities, you may ask? Well, the good doctor was not only trained from young by his father and scientists to be have exceptional strength, intelligence and knowledge, as well as a photographic memory. Not enough? He’s also a scientist, physician, adventurer, surgeon, inventor, explorer, researcher, musician, a master of disguise…and a master of martial arts. Essentially, he’s the guy you want around when you struggle to open a bottle of pickles.

I’m exceptionally intrigued as to how Shane Black is planning on bringing Doc Savage to live on the big screen. Will the Doc have his 30’s and 40’s values be updated to be more modern, or are we in for a deliciously pulpy film with old school sentiments?

Whatever the case, Mr. Black has proven himself more than capable of handling a project like this and I can’t wait to speculate regarding casting the Man of Bronze. Let’s just hope he can keep his shirt in one piece as his Achilles Heel seems to be a monumental wardrobe malfunction, as he doesn’t seem to own one single shirt that isn’t hanging off his torso in tatters.

Last Updated: May 8, 2013

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  1. Matthew Holliday

    May 8, 2013 at 13:17

    “Im Batman”


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