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Viva la France! Rupert Sanders to direct a NAPOLEON biopic

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While rock stars are dominating biopics, it seems that world conquerors have fallen to the wayside as of late. There hasn’t been a Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great movie (That is worth watching) in ages, and honestly, cinemas could do with a little bit of ye olde bloodshed.

Which is why France’s biggest emperor is getting the spotlight shone on him next.

According to THR, Rupert “Snow White and the Huntsman” Sanders will direct a film based on the infamous military mastermind with big ambition, that will be produced by Gianni “300” Nunari and off of a script provided by Jeremy “The Killing” Doner. Described as having a “Scarface-like look”, the film will follow Napoleon into real life conflicts and battles, from the French Revolution, Waterloo and that one time Napoleon almost got swindled in a cocaine deal gone bad that ended in chainsaws and violence.

Peace through military might was Napoleon’s end goal. It’ll be interesting to see how this film develops.

Last Updated: November 13, 2013

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