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Marvel deems Craig Kyle worthy enough to lift the script for THOR 3

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Guys, hear me out. I know it sounds crazy, but when a movie makes big bucks studios want more. And when a sequel to that first movie makes even more cash than the original, then the studio erections are going to find themselves working on a third film right away.

That’s the case with the franchise for the thunder god, as Thor is getting a threequel. And I say thee yay!


Marvel and its house of mouse partner Disney have seen the Asgardian light, as work has already begun on a third Thor film. To start the hammer rolling, they’ve tapped Craig Kyle to co-write the film with Christopher Yost. Kyle helped produce both of the Thor films created thus far, as well as several of the animated Marvel movies. This news comes a day after Captain America got the greenlight to also get a second sequel, as studio heads are reportedly damn impressed with the work that returning directors Joe and Anthony Russo have produced.

While Chris Hemsworth is most likely ready to return to his signature role, there’s no word yet on who the next director will be for the sequel, although Alan Taylor would most liekly be warmly welcomed back if he decided to revisit Asgard. Thor: The Dark World was a big hit for Marvel and Disney, and it grossed over $632 million worldwide.

Last Updated: January 30, 2014

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