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Top List Thursday – Top 5 Oscar snubs

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With the Oscar’s just around the corner and an impressive list of candidates nominated, the inevitable snub is going to happen and in some cases already has. We’ve already seen Tom Hanks (Captain Philips) and Robert Redford (All is Lost) snubbed by not even being nominated for the best actor category but what about those of years past? Let’s take a look at some evidence the Oscars are in fact run by aliens from the planet Squid.

5. Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained


I was astounded when Jamie Foxx was left off the 2013 Oscar list for his brilliant portrayal of Django in Django Unchained. Not only did he bring depth and spirit to an extremely violent role but made a pretty convincing cowboy-rage-vendetta character we could connect with. I can only surmise that the controversial nature of the movie, boycotted by Spike Lee himself, played towards this. Nope, scrap that. The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Waltz made it to the nomination round says otherwise. Still, Foxx isn’t sitting empty handed in the Oscar department after picking up best actor for his 2004 role in the Ray Charles biopic.

4. Jack Nicholson The Shining


I know this is hard to believe. I think with the reputation the film has built over the years, there is a sense that ‘he definitely got an Oscar’ for his manic role of ‘Here’s Johnny!’ Think again. His role in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest before his role in The Shining saw him pick up the best actor award and rightly so. Since then he has won 3 Oscars, two for best actor and one for best supporting actor, but many still need to be convinced why he wasn’t even nominated in Kubrick’s masterpiece.

3. Sir Alfred Hitchcock (Directing)


I remember sitting in my film lecture hall studying the composition of The Birds and thinking to myself what sheer brilliance Hitchcock was able to create through absence rather than over indulgence. He changed the way cinema was perceived by many, indeed actually giving it a status of art itself. His ideas on how to build suspense, his pioneering use of the ‘first person’  and his plot twists have many label him as Britain’s best film director, which leads many to question how he never won an Oscar for best director. Indeed the only Oscar he picked up was for Best Picture (Rebecca, 1940). Now if there was ever an injustice in the Oscars it has got to be this! Tin Foil Hats, engage!

2. Peter O’Toole (Best Actor)

Stage and Screen. Personalities. pic: circa 1962. Irish born actor Peter O'Toole as he appeared in the film "Lawrence of Arabia".

It’s hard to believe that an actor so loved and well respected died without one Oscar to bribe his way over the River Styx. Peter O’Toole found instant fame for his performance in what is widely regarded as one of the best epics of all time,  Lawrence of Arabia. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. He did receive 8 nominations though which is something, I suppose. Well not really. To be so close and not receive anything must have been a rather big slap in the face. Sadly he passed away in December 2013 and so will go down as one the Oscars did wrong by.

1. Saving Private Ryan


Right. I am going to have to restrain myself here, and when I say restrain I mean like a certain superhero who turns into green rage just bashed his funny bone in a kindergarten restrain. How the *restrain* Shakespeare in Love could beat Saving Private Ryan to the Best Movie Oscar has not only left me puzzled, but every god sitting atop Mount Olympus! Sure, Saving Private Ryan picked up many Oscars in the technical department but are you sincerely telling me that a romantic comedy, even as well put together as it is, beats an equally well put together movie that pays homage to the men and women who gave us freedom?! To say that Steven Spielberg was robbed is an understatement deserving of the Hulk’s attention.


So there you have it. Five instances of daylight Oscar robbery. Who do you think is undeserved but still on the 2014 list?


Last Updated: January 30, 2014


  1. Perfect number 1. I couldn’t agree more, man.


  2. Wikus Radyn

    January 30, 2014 at 14:15

    I was almost expecting this to just be a list of Scorsese movies 😛


    • RinceThis2014

      January 30, 2014 at 14:16

      Haha! I was going to put Taxi Driver in there man, really close.


      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        January 30, 2014 at 14:36

        Were any of these released on the Vita?


        • RinceThis2014

          January 30, 2014 at 14:39

          On Sunday you will have the opportunity to check after you have to have one removed from the side of your head 😛


  3. Matthew Holliday

    January 30, 2014 at 15:23

    Saving Private Ryan was brilliant.
    its fine though, Hanks and Spielberg went back and made Band of Brothers, which was 10x better and cleaned house at the emmies that year.
    Justice was served atleast.

    Band of Brothers was so good, it has ruined all other war movies for me.


  4. Skyblue

    January 30, 2014 at 22:07

    These decisions irked me:

    Pulp Fiction and Shawshank Redemption both lost to Forrest Gump somehow…
    Russel Crowe (A Beautiful Mind) loses to Denzel Washington (Training Day) – Much love for Denzel and his Oscar was overdue but Crowe was just amazing.
    Goodfella’s lost to Dance With Wolves – I will never figure this one out.


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