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KICKBOXER adds Gina Carano to its cast

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A few months ago news broke that the Kickboxer remake landed Tony Jaa and Scott Adkins in its cast. At that time I wrote that the movie could use a few female fighters, especially since the producers have a bit of choice. I guess they must either be reading this site or we stumbled upon a common wavelength, because one of the women I mentioned – Gina Carano – has been cast in the movie.


This is great news. Carano is a fantastic action star, but she lacks the charisma to be a lead (Haywire) or just ends up in a really stupid film (In The Blood). Yet she has presence where it counts – when kicking ass. Haywire‘s hotel room fight scene is a masterpiece, let down by an inferior movie. Yes, I said Carano lacks screen charisma, but so did Scott Adkins in Ninja and Rain in Ninja Assassin. Not everyone can be Jackie Chan. What matters is that they bring the pain and, damn, can Carano do that… Let’s just hope the film will not waste her talents like The Expendables 3 did with Ronda Rousey.

Another revelation is that Dave Bautista, who everyone now suddenly knows, will be playing the main villain Tong Po. That is an interesting throwback – having a Westerner play the Asian villain. The original Kickboxer did the same with Van Damme’s longtime buddy Michel Qissi, heavily made up to seem Thai. Alain Moussi plays the lead, while Carano will play a fight promoter. But I’m certain she’ll have at least one scene of bone-crunching glory.

Last Updated: December 9, 2014


  1. What a girly punch!



    • Skyblue

      December 10, 2014 at 00:45

      Sy sal jou ‘n regte PK gee.


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