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Vincent D’Onofrio Talks DAREDEVIL and JURASSIC WORLD

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Despite being one of the best actors in the industry today, Vincent D’Onofrio isn’t exactly a household name outside of Full Metal Jacket and a 141 episode stint in the Criminal Intent unit at Law And Order. That might soon be changing however, as not only will D’Onofrio be exchanging fists with a certain vigilante in Hell’s Kitchen soon, but he’ll also be popping up in Jurassic World later this year.


So how did D’Onofrio get cast as the Kingpin of crime? According to the man himself when he spoke to Collider, many a meeting was needed before he was convinced enough to join in on the show:

There were discussions. I wasn’t sure about it. I knew who Wilson Fisk was, but I only knew what the Marvel movies were like. The thing about Daredevil is that there are no superpowers. We needed to have a discussion, so Jeph Loeb and I talked about it. That first phone call with Jeph Loeb, and then the second one with Jeph and Steven DeKnight, is when I was convinced that it would be okay to do. And then, I read the first couple of scripts. Wait until you see the series. Whether you’re into that kind of thing or not, it is definitely a Netflix series. It’s Marvel and Netflix coming together with this great new take on things.

And according to D’Onofrio, Daredevil isn’t going to be all sunshine and smiles when it arrives on Netflix:

The series just came out so good. It’s like a 13-hour film. Emotionally, it goes places that I don’t think anybody is going to expect. Unlike the movies, except for maybe what [Robert] Downey does with Iron Man because there’s a lot of emotional stuff with that, this gets truly deep. Everybody’s motivation comes from the core of who they are. There’s not one false moment in the whole thing. They all have very deeply thought-out, emotional lives that drive these people. It’s pretty cool. I’m very proud of it. It was unexpected, and I didn’t know I was going to have the time I had on it, but I ended up having one of the best experiences I’ve had, so far.

D’Onofrio is now more than just a series villain. He’s also a bigger part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe now, a villain who has the potential to easily plague other heroes. Maybe. Because as usual, Marvel is keeping their plans secret:

They don’t tell you. You never know with them. They have their world, but they don’t like to spoil anything, so nobody knows until it’s set in stone. You don’t know. I actually don’t know what they have in store for Wilson Fisk, or my Wilson Fisk, I should say.

Beyond Daredevil, D’Onofrio will also be in Jurassic World. And he reckons that the film is going to be plenty cool:

It’s both of those things. It feels great because you’re there. It’s a really good script, and Colin Trevorrow, the director, is just a really great guy. He really brought it. I just knew immediately with him. I loved his movie, Safety Not Guaranteed, so I knew I was in really good hands. You’re right, you walk around these sets and you see something from one of the other movies, and you’re like, “Oh, shit!” It’s exactly the way you think it would be. It has this real cool factor to it. It was cool because my 22-year-old and my 15-year-old were able to come and visit set, hang out and see the park. The 7-year-old is too young to get it.

Last Updated: March 16, 2015

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