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Best comic book covers of the week – 15 March 2021

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Gotham City’s a tough stretch of real estate to survive in if you’re a supervillain, but right now the biggest threat to the criminal underground isn’t some billionaire with parental bandonment issues popping up every night to rearrange spinal columns. Something slightly more savage than a trust fund being used to fight super-crime is on the loose, and it’s not just hungry to tip the scales back in favour of justice.

It’s hungry for actual flesh.

That’s the idea behind a new Batman series intended for mature audiences that artist Liam Sharp and writer Garth Ennis have begun whipping up, which currently goes by the name of Batman: Reptilian. “Gotham City is filled with murderous creatures who stalk the shadows – foul villains with murderous impulses who strike fear into the hearts of every man, woman, and child in the city. But what strikes fear into the hearts of those who terrorize the city?” reads DC’s synopsis for Batman: Reptilian #1.

It used to be Batman, but something far more frightening than a mere man has begun stalking the shadows – and it’s after Gotham’s villains. How savage must a monster be to haunt the dreams of monsters?

And in case you’re wondering, it’s not Killer Croc with a major case of the criminal-munchies, as the Reptilian is far more dangerous and cunning than the alter-ego of the man formerly known as Waylon Jones. Batman: Reptilian #1 (of 6) goes on sale on June 22,and until it does arrive, check out some creepy cool art for it:

And now for the main event of the week!

Comic book covers of the week credits

  1. Black Knight: Curse Of The Ebony Blade #1 by Peach Momoko
  2. Captain Marvel #27 by Marco Checchetto
  3. Champions #5 by Toni Infante
  4. Iron Fist: Heart Of The Dragon #3 by Billy Tan
  5. Iron Man #7 by Alex Ross
  6. Marvel #6 by Lee Bermejo
  7. The Trials Of Ultraman #1 by Matt Frank
  8. Kick-Ass Vs. Hit-Girl #5 by John Romita Jr.
  9. Radiant Black #2 by Rod Reis
  10. Ultramega #1 by Dave Stewart and James Harren
  11. Batman / Catwoman #4 by Travis Charest
  12. Catwoman #29 by Jenny Frison
  13. Nightwing #78 by Bruno Redondo
  14. Superman: Red And Blue #1 by Gary Frank
  15. Abbott: 1973 #3 by Dani
  16. Power Rangers: Drakkon – New Dawn by Jung Geun-Yoon
  17. We Only Find Them When They’re Dead Vol. 1 by Simone Di Meo
  18. Orphan And The Five Beasts #1 by James Stokoe
  19. Tales From The Umbrella Academy Vol. 1: You Look Like Death by Gabriel Ba
  20. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #115 by Sophie Campbell
  21. Eros / Psyche #1 by Miguel Mercado
  22. Planet Comics #3 by Erwin Arroza
  23. Red Atlantis #5 by Roberrt Hack
  24. Atlantis Wasn’t Built For Tourists by Wendell Calvacanti
  25. I Walk With Monsters #4 by Jen Hickman

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