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The best comic book covers of the week – 29 October 2018

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I don’t give 2000AD enough love on this site. A weekly British comic book magazine, 2000AD has been running in print for years and years now. Many of you might know it as the home of Judge Dredd, but 2000AD is so much more than just that flagship title. It’s also the comic book that gave birth to Strontium Dog, The Ballad of Halo Jones and many other quintessentially British ideas.

It’s a product of its time, thanks to stories that were bonkers in the swinging seventies and downright depressing in the Margaret Thatcher era of the UK. These days, 2000AD is a powerhouse of constant ideas and sublime art, resulting in a weekly treat that you owe it to yourself to read. Perfectly digestible stories and adventures, legacy characters and wild concepts a’plenty are what defines the series in its current incarnation under its parent company Rebellion.

2000AD is also the gateway comic for not only readers, but for talent in the industry to shine. Indeed, many of the biggest names in comic books got their start here, and 2000AD continues to provide the perfect platform for the next generation to make their name. Me, I’ll just keep on enjoying the series, that offers something new every week and never feels stale at all.

Not too many comic books, can boast a pedigree of that nature. With that being said, let’s take a look at the best comic book covers of the week!

Heroes in Crisis #2 by Ryan Sook

Heroes in Crisis #2

Tony Stark: Iron Man #5 by Alexander Lozano

Tony Stark Iron Man #5

Doom Patrol #12 by Nick Derington

Doom Patrol #12

Multiple Man #5 by Marcos Martin

Multiple Man #5

Wayward #30 by Steven Cummings

Wayward #30

The Realm #10 by Meghan Hetrick

The Realm #10

What If? Magik #1 by Jeff Dekal

What If Magik #1

Invader Zim #36 by Jeff Sornig

Invader Zim #36

Stranger Things #2 by Steve Morris

Stranger Things #2

Avengers Halloween Special #1 by Gerardo Zaffino

Avengers Halloween Special #1

Hex Wives #1 by Joelle Jones

Hex Wives #1

The Wild Storm #18 by Jon Davis-Hunt

The Wild Storm #18

Star Wars Adventures: Tales from Vader’s Castle #5 by Francesco Francavilla

Star Wars Adventures Tales from Vader's Castle #5

Nancy Drew #5 by Jenn St.Onge

Nancy Drew #5

Deathstroke/Yogi Bear Special #1 by Tyler Kirkham

Deathstroke Yogi Bear Special #1

Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome #4 by David Mack

Britannia Lost Eagles of Rome #4

Archie Meets Batman ’66 #4 by Rebekah Isaacs

Archie Meets Batman '66 #4

Lost City Explorers #5 by Alvaro Sarraseca

Lost City Explorers #5

Kim Reaper: Vampire Island #3 by Katy Farina

Kim Reaper Vampire Island #3

Sex Death Revolution #1 by Kiki Jenkins

Sex Death Revolution #1

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