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Hot Toys – Street Fighter V Ryu 1/12 Scale Figure

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Ryu Storm Collectibles (17)

As a fan of toys, Street Fighter holds a dear place in my heart. My very first video game action figures, were based on the resurgence of Capcom’s biggest franchise back when Street Fighter 4 was unleashed. There’s some artistic about the way that the roster features bulging muscles that could put your eye out with a single flex, something that the action figures perfectly captured for that game.

Also, I’ve got a thing for Chun Li, but that’s a disturbing story for another day. Anyway the point is, is that at my very first rAge I saw a bunch of those Street Fighter figures up for sale. And I saw the one I wanted the most: M Bison. Then Ryu. Some other little sh*t got his hands on it before I could however, so I had to settle for the Shadaloo lord, Ken Masters and Akuma’s amazingly bushy eyebrows.

That’s a mistake I don’t want to make twice. With a new Street Fighter game, there’s also plenty of new merch to get ones hands on. Once I’m done shoving toddlers out of my way so that I can get the last Ryu figure:

That gallery above is for the Storm Collectibles Ryu figure. Measuring in at a height of seven inches (giggity!) or exactly 1/12th the scale of the man himself, the figure set includes interchangeable hands, facial expressions and a prop that looks like a jellyfish having its rectum ripped out. It’s actually a static Hadouken, but either one works for me.

But it’s looking good! An entire 30 points of articulation and a very solid sculpt does the world warrior some solid justice. Me likey.

Last Updated: June 22, 2016

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