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Hunter X Hunter officially returns to print in January 2018

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Hunter X Hunter

The manga landscape has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. Long-running series such as Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail have come to a close, allowing for a new generation of heroes to emerge. Great series, exploring all manner of ideas through the Shonen genre such as the Food Wars of Shokugeki No Soma, the inner conflict of misfits in the delightful Seven Deadly Sins and the sheer optimism of My Hero Academia.

Even with that new generation making and establishing their own legacy in manga publications such as Shonen Jump, you can still find a few other titles which aren’t going anywhere soon. One Piece looks like it’ll outlive all of humanity long after the bombs have fallen, while a certain other manga is ready to make a comeback. Again. Again.

Known as Hunter X Hunter with a silent X because Japan, Yoshihiro Togashi’s series is ready to resume yet again. While the tale of Gon and pals is beloved for its balance of high stakes and drama, it’s also infamous for its habit of going on a sudden hiatus when least expected, due to Togashi having to deal with constant back pain.

Which for a manga artist, is usually a killer problem to have in that cutthroat industry. The longest that Hunter X Hunter has managed to run for since it debuted, is a 30-issue streak. The latest hiatus took place from September 4’s 369th chapter, and will end next year when Hunter X Hunter resumes on January 29. Just in time for the 50th anniversary of Shonen Jump according to reddit and Manga Helpers.

How long will this latest streak last? Hopefully long enough for there to be more blue than red when you compare the on and off-again nature of this series, in this handy chart from Kotaku:

Hunter X Hunter chart



Last Updated: November 29, 2017


  1. Again?

    Give up, the story totally lost the plot.
    The latest story arc is pretty much is pretty much the most boring Ive seen in a manga, so much damned text it should be a novel instead.


    • redpanther

      November 29, 2017 at 16:44

      To be fair the beginning of Chimera Ant has a lot of blah blah blah too and it’s took like 4-5 years for the manga to finally delivered a non-stop of hotblood fight scenes till you sick of em and in the end many fans like it.You can’t build something great without next to perfect foundation.The author may just laying the brick after brick very very slowly,but carefully….(I hope).


      • Matthew Holliday

        November 30, 2017 at 14:24

        This Kurapika storyline is not foundation laying though, doesnt feel like he has any idea what direction to take it.
        Its unfocussed.


        • redpanther

          November 30, 2017 at 16:44

          We will see…
          It’s probably going to be very arduous battle of wits and stands fighting(like Death Note plus Jojo with some Kindaichi throw in),but so far I like this arc much much more than the early to middle part of Chimera Ant.


    • Umeir Abdullah

      November 30, 2017 at 21:11

      if you follow this series from the begining you should know that this is his ‘style’ for delivering the story like this. it just like playing tetris he build the block like he’s gonna lose and then ‘boom’ BOOM, it start from down again.

      he try to make us dive into the trouble and positioning us ‘how if i get stuck in that kind of situation’ he do it slowly to achieve that. like how will kurapika take action from the phone call from the prince, i’ll do the same as kurapika does and then that fckin annoying servant intrude kurapika plan, what will you do to that servant?, and many other things.

      if you didnt enjoy this arc, i suggest you to take it slowly ,add some BGM maybe ? when you read it or wait for the anime , sure it’ll be more fast paced than the manga lol

      IMO this pre dark continent arc is really great as fck.

      just you know that KURAPIKA IS FUCKED IN THIS ARC. hahaha


  2. kieker

    November 29, 2017 at 14:30

    This anime/manga has so much potential, I just want to see more from the Phantom troupe and Kurapika, but the hiatusus kills it completely. I started reading the manga (from after the ants saga), but they just seem to waffle on, and it takes a really long time to get to the interesting bits. Here’s to hoping this time it will stick.


  3. Craig "CrAiGiSh" Dodd

    November 30, 2017 at 09:51

    Really enjoyed the anime, thought it was fucking awesome.


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