Lady Death comes for us all

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Lady Death (18)

Hey, remember Lady Death? …What do you mean that you’ve never heard of her? Hoo boy, I sometimes forget that most of you managed to escape comic books from the 1990s era. Ok, quick origin story then:

Lady Death was one of several characters in the 1990s who got the ball rolling on bad girl comic book anti-heroes. Pure eye-candy, Lady Death was nothing more than a page three phantasm who directed cult classic genocidal monster Evil Ernie to kill everything with a pulse on this planet.

And hey, people loved it. Anything with Lady Death, sold like Kit-Kat Twinkies, and she eventually earned her own comic book series and backstory. And a personality, which was neat.

Anyway, late 1990s, and Lady Death is reimagined as a young Swedish girl named Hope, who gets tangled in a civil war in hell that eventually corrupts her innocent spirit and ends up with her ruling over damnation.

There’s been more stuff done since Avatar Press got their hands on the character in the mid-2000s, fleshing her out (HA!) further and giving her an actual direction in after-life. Beyond all that, she’s also got a very distinct look, with numerous fantasy artists such as Gerald Brom, Boris Vallejo, Joe Jusko and Julie Bell creating a few artistic masterpieces based on her likeness.

And speaking of masterpieces, here’s a more three-dimensional replica of the first lady of hell.

A fan favourite since her inception in the black and white pages of Evil Ernie, Lady Death is one of the original bad girls of comics! This femme fatale has come a long way from her medieval beginnings, having gone from being the sovereign ruler of Hell to savior of the universe, the avatar of death to the mortal realm, and back again.

Lounging seductively in a classic pin-up pose over a pillar of skulls, the goddess of destruction and decay longingly strokes her scythe, with her original Hell-forged sword “Darkness” at her side. Capturing every inch of her beauty in this two-foot tall statue, no one can resist the sweet temptation of Lady Death!

Spooky. Lady Death measures in at 24″ H (609.6mm) x 8.5″ W (215.9mm) x 11″ L (279.4mm), and will be busting skulls next year between September and October. If you’ve got $399.99 to spend that is.

Last Updated: October 28, 2015

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