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No evil can escape Green Lantern’s light

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Apparently, a Green Lantern movie came out way back in 2011. Some folks saw it and wondered if they shouldn’t have burnt their wallet instead, which may have been a better use of their cash. I for one, refuse to believe that such a film exists, no matter how much evidence there is.

Anyone could have taken a few hundred million dollars and put together a fake film like that. Anyone.

Now the real Green Lantern isn’t Deadpool in a horribly animated super-suit. Green Lantern is cocky, bold and willing to take risks. He’s the original man without fear, a space-cop with jurisdiction over not just our planet, but an entire quadrant of the galaxy. And he also wields the most formidable weapon in the galaxy.

I mean, just imagine it: The Green Lantern ring is a tool which you have to force and channel your will through. It’s not some magic weapon that anybody can use. Hell, even Batman could barely channel his violent vigilantism through it.

Point is, the real Green Lantern is a great hero. A hero who teaches you that its willpower which makes a person great. And that’s the kind of space-cop that I want on my shelf, spreading the light of the brightest day:


Limited only by his own willpower and imagination, Hal Jordan is Earth’s first – and possibly greatest – member of the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps!

When dying alien Abin Sur crash-landed on Earth, his power ring sought a worthy successor, and ultimately chose humble test pilot Hal Jordan for his ability to overcome great fear. Proudly inheriting the mantle of Green Lantern with power battery in hand, the muscular masked hero stands showcased in his emerald green and black costume with power battery in hand.

Ascending a solid acid-green construct stairway of his own making, Green Lantern is sworn to guard his Sector, and protect our planet – in brightest day and in blackest night!

Green Lantern measures in at 24.5″ H (622.3mm) x 13″ W (330.2mm) x 12″ L (304.8mm) and weighs just under 6kg. Hal Jordan will set you back $449 when he ships next year.

And if you can recite the Green Lantern oath without Googling it, I think we can be friends.

Last Updated: November 6, 2015

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  1. OF COURSE I CAN RECITE IT BY HEART…..wait, this was a geek trap right? Drat


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