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No Ranger is safe in 2018’s Power Rangers: Shattered Grid event

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Facing a killer monster who can level a city quicker than the third act of Man of Steel might be a daunting task to some, but to the Power Rangers? That’s just a regular Tuesday in Angel Grove for the teenagers with attitudes. The current and best incarnation of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have so far faced all manner of danger since Boom! Studios landed the license to the adolescent ass-kickers, but 2018 will see the team face their greatest threat yet.

A threat so powerful, that it’ll require multiple generations of Rangers to defeat it. Discussing that danger does require delving into some spoiler territory from the recent comics, so I’m leaving Alpha-5 below as a warning to anyone who hasn’t caught up yet on the Power Rangers comics. AY-YI-YI-YI-YI!

Alpha 5

If you’re familiar with Power Rangers, then you know that the current biggest bad that the team is facing off against isn’t Lord Zed or Rita Repulsa. It’s an evil Power Ranger by the name of Lord Drakkon, an alternate-reality Tommy Oliver who succeeded in wiping out the Rangers of his Earth and also managed to steal the power of their last-ditch effort to halt his rampage, the White Ranger.

With enough raw power at his fingertips to take on an entire team of Rangers, Drakkon’s first attempt to conquer our reality failed at the eleventh hour. Beaten and his army seemingly divided, it looked two Earths had been saved that day. Nah, not really, because Lord Drakkon is staging a counterattack across all of Ranger time and space in 2018’s Shattered Grid event that ties into the 25th-anniversary celebration of the franchise.

“Call me sentimental, but I love anniversaries. Over the last two years, I’ve been weaving threads in the pages of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, all leading to the 25th anniversary of the franchise,” writer Kyle Higgins said in a press release.


Shattered Grid is a massive Power Rangers event that’s both a celebration of the property and also the largest comics story I’ve ever tackled. Lord Drakkon’s plan is so much bigger than our Rangers, our world, and even our universe. The Grid is shattering, every Power Ranger in all of existence is at risk, and it’s going to take more than just the Mighty Morphin team to stand against Drakkon’s armies.

The saga will cross over with the Go Go Power Rangers series that chronicles the early years of the team, while also laying the groundwork for the future of the Power Rangers comic book franchise. “Shattered Grid has been something we’ve been planning from issue #0, with the singular goal of delivering the biggest Power Rangers story we could tell at BOOM! Studios,” Boom! Studios editor Dafna Pleban added.

If you think you know where this story is going, think again—we’re making sure each issue of SHATTERED GRID shows you something that no Ranger fan has seen before!

Power Rangers: Shattered Grid kicks off in Power Rangers #25, out on March 21 2018 and featuring the dynamic art of Daniele Di Nicuolo. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up, now is the perfect time to go go read some of the fantastic Power Rangers comics that are out right now.

Last Updated: December 5, 2017

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  1. Them rangers be in deep sheee-it.
    When that happens, they can always call on the ultimate ranger, the one who can end all threats faster than you can say “Please don’t kick me in the face!”



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