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The secret whisper that made Thor unworthy has finally been revealed

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Unworthy Thor (6)

A couple of years back, the mighty Thor was at the top of his game. He’d stopped the Ragnarok cycle of death and rebirth, had escaped Hel itself and had seen Asgard returned to the ninth realm. Things were looking good for the god of thunder, as the favourite son of Odin looked unstoppable. But then he was knocked down a few pegs, felled by a simple whisper from Nick Fury that rendered Thor unworthy of his status as a god and the right to wield Mjolnir.

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So what could Nick Fury have possibly whispered, what single sentence could fell the Thunder God? That’s been the mystery deep at the heart of the Thor mythos ever since Original Sin wrapped up and a broken Odinson emerged from the dust to wander our universe as an aimless shadow of his former glory. A secret that has finally been revealed. Spoilers below.

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If you’ve been keeping up with the Odinson lately, you’ve probably been reading the Unworthy Thor by Jason Aaron, Olivier Coipel, Kim Jacinto, Pascal Alixe, Mat Lopes, and Jay David Ramos. That mini-series has detailed the Odinson’s quest to retrieve the hammer that once belonged to the Thor of the Ultimate Universe. In the final issue, Odinson relents on his quest as he passed on the opportunity to become Thor once again.

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Why? Because Nick Fury’s whisper still resonates with the former Thor. Three simple words, that stretches all the way back to when Jason Aaron first began working on the Thor comics:

Gorr was right

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Lost? Let me fill you in. Back in the pages of Thor: God of Thunder, Thor fought a deity-slayer known as Gorr, the god-butcher. Gorr was on a quest to rid the universe of gods, a task that he was exceptionally skilled at. He’d cleaved his way through entire pantheons until Thor eventually stopped him, but while his methods were certainly questionable his motivation wasn’t.

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Gorr believed that the gods of the Marvel universe were petty and vain creatures, unworthy of the love and adoration that the masses blessed them with. An idea that Thor himself didn’t dismiss when their clash finally ended, changing his outlook on the role of gods within the universe forever. Nick Fury’s whisper just reinforced the idea that all gods were unworthy.

Unworthy Thor (2)

And yet, the Odinson is still a hero. Having relinquished his claim on the hammer of another Thor, there’s a new chapter opening being written in the book of the Unworthy one. A book that details the twilight of the gods, as someone else has lifted Mjolnir, a new Ultimate Thor who calls himself “the War Thor”.

Unworthy Thor (9)

That all wraps up a turbulent period in the life of the former Thor. A chapter has closed, a circle has been completed and new journeys into mystery await.


Last Updated: March 23, 2017

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