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The best comic book covers of the week – 11 March 2019

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When it comes to comic book costumes, you can’t beat the amazing threads of Spider-Man. As patriotic as can be, Spider-Man’s classic costume is a case of absolutely nailing the look of an icon and getting it right from the very first appearance. That doesn’t mean that Spider-Man doesn’t have other costumes in his wardrobe, but when you think of the webhead? That original costume is nine times out of ten what you see first in your mind’s eye.

I’ve always been a fan of Spidey’s black symbiote costume though. It was sleek, it was iconic and an awesome example of less being more. It lasted a couple of years before it was retired, transforming into a hostile alien parasite that would join with Eddie Brock to form the Venom symbiote. Fun fact: Venom co-creator Todd McFarlane came up with the visual idea of the character, purely because he wanted to see Spider-Man back in his original suit.

“I came into the Spider-Man office after doing the Hulk and they wanted me to do Spider-Man,” McFarlane explained in an Instagram post.


But he was in this black costume. I didn’t wanna draw this black costume. It meant nothing to me. I wanted to draw the red and blue… So, they said, ‘Todd, if you just come on at #298 we promise that maybe we can get rid of it.’ And I go, ‘Well let’s just get rid of it fast!

So, I did a character… I ripped the costume off him… I did this character called Venom, handed it to David Michelinie, the writer, and they said, ‘Just hold on, hold on, hold on’. So, then, all of a sudden I do #298, he’s still in the black, #299, he’s still in the black, finally #300, look I even said here on the cover sketch, ‘Can we do one in the black and the red? Come on, I want to do the black and the red.’ And they said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, fine.”

And now you know! Venom was born, a new icon was added to Marvel and the fella is experiencing a resurgence as of late thanks to his solo movie, while also having an awesome comic book series that is tearing up the charts. History lesson done! Time to look at the best comic book covers of the week!


The Flash #66 by Tim Sale

The Flash #66

Wonder Woman #66 by Viktor Kalvachev

Wonder Woman #66

The Amazing Spider-Man #17 by Humberto Ramos

The Amazing Spider-Man #17

Justice League Dark #9 by Alvaro Martinez Bueno

Justice League Dark #9

Oblivion Song #13 by Lorenzo De Felici

Oblivion Song #13

Supergirl #28 by Stanley Lau

Supergirl #28

Tony Stark: Iron Man #9 by Alexander Lozano

Tony Stark Iron Man #9

Runaways #19 by Kris Anka

Runaways #19

The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1 by Jock

The Batman Who Laughs The Grim Knight #1

Age of X-Man: The Marvelous X-Men #2 by Phil Noto

Age of X-Man The Marvelous X-Men #2

Blackbird #6 by Jen Bartel

Blackbird #6

Shuri #6 by Kirbi Fagan

Shuri #6

Age Of X-Man: Apocalypse and The X-Tracts #1 by David Nakayama

Age Of X-Man Apocalypse and The X-Tracts #1

William Gibson’s Alien 3 #5 by Johnnie Christmas

William Gibson's Alien 3 #5

Age of Conan: Bêlit #1 by Sana Takeda

Age of Conan Bêlit #1

Dark Ark #15 by Juan Doe

Dark Ark #15

Murder Falcon #6 by Daniel Warren Johnson

Murder Falcon #6

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder in Hell #2 by Mateus Santolouco

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder in Hell #2

The Transformers #1 by Casey Coller

The Transformers #1

Livewire #4 by Adam Pollina

Livewire #4

Knights Of The Golden Sun #5 by Mauricio Villarreal

Knights Of The Golden Sun #5

Last Updated: March 11, 2019


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