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The best comic book covers of the week – 11 May 2020

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You think symbiotes, and you think of the biggest guns in the Marvel comic book universe. There’s the OG nemesis Venom, his red-headed bastard offspring Carnage and a whole host of other lesser-known symbiotes from over the years. They’re mostly dead, but for a brief time in 1993 there was talk of introducing a newer and even more gruesome antagonist to the slimy family fold.

Called Bile, this lean and mean dude not only had the proportionate strength, speed and agility of a spider, but also…eats eating habits. In case you’re not familiar with how spiders eat, it’s kind of gross. According to the Burke Museum:

Put a medium-sized insect in the web of a large orb weaving spider in the garden. You will see the spider bite the prey, wrap it in silk, wait for it to die, then begin to eat. As a first step in eating, the spider will literally vomit digestive fluid over the prey. Then the prey is chewed with the “jaws” (chelicerae), and the fluid is sucked back into the mouth together with some liquefied “meat” from the prey. The spider repeats this process as often as necessary to digest, and ingest, all but the inedible hard parts. What is discarded afterwards is a small ball of residue.

It’s not like you wanted to have lunch today, right? Anyway, the point of this national horrigraphic lesson is that Venom writer Donny Cates has an idea for Bile, one that would make the character canon and an actual threat in the Marvel Universe:

GAH! If you’ve been reading Venom then you know that Cates and his crew have a knack for really digging into the horror of the symbiote, while also making it metal. I can’t wait to see how this idea is given flesh. Wonderfully soft and digestive flesh, that is. For now, on to the best comic book covers of the week!

Comic book covers of the week credits:

  • Children Of The Atom #2 by Mike Henderson
  • Dr. Strange #6 by Dave Johnson
  • Iron Man 2020 #5 by Pete Woods
  • Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #3 by In-Hyuk Lee
  • Spider-Man Noir #3 by Dave Rapoza
  • Spider-Woman #3 by David Nakayama
  • Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #3 by Valentina Remenar
  • Venom #26 by Ryan Stegman
  • Dejah Thoris #6 by Lucio Parrillo
  • Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica by Fay Dalton
  • Vampirella / Red Sonja #9 by Mayara Sampaio
  • Catwoman #23 by Woo-Cheul Lee
  • Batman And The Outsiders #13 by Tyler Kirkham
  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 by Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion
  • Green Lantern Season 2 #4 by Matteo Scalera
  • Hawkman #24 Gerardo Zaffino
  • Manhunters: The Secret History #1 by Renato Guedes
  • Six Days: The Incredible True Story Of D-Day’s Lost Chapter by Andrea Mutti
  • The Flash #755 by Matteo Scalera
  • Wonder Woman #757 by Olivier Coipel
  • Blackwood: The Mourning After #4 by Veronica Fish
  • Dead Dog’s Bite #2 by Josh Hixson
  • The Last Knight Of St. Hagan #2 by Sebastian Fiumara
  • Excellence #8 by Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez
  • Low #24 by Max Fiumara
  • Nomen Omen #7 by David Nakayama
  • Outer Darkness / Chew #3 by Afu Chan
  • Chained To The Grave #1 by Kate Sherron
  • Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return by Jerry Gaylord
  • Ghosted In L.A. #11 by Siobhan Keenan
  • The Storyteller: Ghosts #3 by Micheal Walsh
  • Kidz #5 by Esdras Cristobal
  • Sabrina: Something Wicked #2 by Veronica Fish
  • Backtrack #4 by Marco D’Alfonso
  • Rogue Planet #2 by Andy MacDonald
  • Hundred Wolves #1 by Nathan Gooden
  • Diablo House: Spring Scares by Richard Friend
  • Bloodshot #9 by Kael Ngu

Last Updated: May 11, 2020

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  1. The Catwoman covers have been great… But that Hawkman cover, wow


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