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The best comic book covers of the week – 18 March 2019

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I’ve been playing The Division 2 lately, and it happens to have given me a chuffing good idea for a video game starring a certain caped crusader. It all harkens back to one of the most dangerous era in Batman history, when Gotham City found itself absolutely buggered in the wake of a massive earthquake that hit the infamous stomping ground of Batman.

No Man’s Land was a year’s worth of storylines, all detailing Batman’s efforts to maintain law and order in a city that had been cut off from the rest of the world. Crime ran rampant, society had collapsed and Arkham’s worst threats were free to carve out their own kingdoms in the shattered remains of Gotham. Batman had to fall back to more primitive tools to help him in his war on crime, realising that he’d need an actual support network of allies to help him protect the innocent.

It was a major storyline, and while Gotham did eventually get better, it did leave a lasting effect on the status quo of Batman and friends. Now imagine that, in a new Arkham game. A city that has long since fallen off the verge of collapse, fewer gadgets and a chance to actually make a difference for the souls lost within the maze of broken buildings and shattered streets.

I’d play the hell out of that. While I go badger Warner Bros. to make it so, here’s a look at the comic book covers of the week!

Batman #67 by Lee Weeks

Batman #67

Nightwing #58 by Tyler Kirkham

Nightwing 58

Venom #12 by Ryan Stegman

Venom #12

Aquaman #46 by Estaban Maroto

Aquaman #46

The Immortal Hulk #15 by Alex Ross

The Immortal Hulk #15

Teen Titans #28 by Mico Suayan

Teen Titans #28

Monstress #21 by Sana Takeda

Monstress #21

Thor #11 by Nao Fuji

Thor #11

The Wild Storm #21 by Jon Davis Hunt

The Wild Storm #21

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 by Andrew Robinsion

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #92 by Michael Walsh

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #92

Captain Marvel #3 by David Mack

Captain Marvel #3

Lucifer #6 by Tiffany Turrill

Lucifer #6

Pearl #7 by Teddy Kristiansen

Pearl #7

X-O Manowar #25 by Mike Manomivibul

X-O Manowar #25

Marvel’s Spider-Man: City At War #1 by Tim Tsang

Marvel's Spider-Man City At War #1

Jughead: The Hunger #13 by Greg Scott

Jughead The Hunger #13

Evolution #15 by Joe Infurnari

Evolution #15

Rainbow Brite #5 by Paulina Ganucheau

Rainbow Brite #5

Elvira: The Shape of Elvira #2 by Francesco Francavilla

Elvira The Shape of Elvira #2

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