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The best comic book covers of the week – 28 January 2019

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A couple of weeks ago, Brade Lunner (If that’s even his real name) asked me if I’d be up for putting together a list of great comic book series to read that don’t require having around twenty years worth of continuity floating around in your head. Because I’m a cock, I said I’d be happy to do that and then kind of…forgot to. The thing is, when I remembered the topic and started rummaging around in my brain for a few good trade paperbacks that were done-in-one buys, I stalled.

Not because I didn’t have any idea of what to choose, but because there’s just too damn many of them to even count. I could LITERALLY list a great graphic novel every single day for the rest of the year, and I wouldn’t even come close to scratching the surface of the quality iceberg that could sink a Titanic-sized ship of expectations into the waters of pure reading material bliss.

So instead, I’ll just mention one great book that I picked up lately: God Country.

Imagine a combination of Clint Eastwood’s magnum opus western Unforgiven, the high fantasy of old gods colliding with the world of man and a father desperate to leave his son with a legacy that makes up for a life of pain and misery, made worse by his increasing dementia. You take a concept like that, add some of the most lush action sequences ever committed to paper and some genuine heart that ties all of these threads together, and you have the incredible God Country.

Pieced together by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw, God Country is a rollercoaster of emotions and action, easily read within an afternoon and capable of creating one hell of an impact by the time you reach the end. In other words, it’s well worth checking out. With that recommendation done, let’s move on to the main event and check out the best comic book covers of the week!

The Flash #63 by Rafa Sandoval

The Flash #63

Action Comics #1007 by Patrick Gleason

Action Comics #1007

Wonder Woman #63 by Kamome Shirahama

Wonder Woman #63

The Amazing Spider-Man #14 by Ryan Ottley

The Amazing Spider-Man #14

Batgirl #31 by Stanley Lau

Batgirl #31

Captain America #7 by Alex Ross

Captain America #7

Batman Beyond #28 by Pasqual Ferry

Batman Beyond #28

The Terrifics #12 by Evan Shaner

The Terrifics #12

Ice Cream Man #9 by Kyle Smart

Lettering Template

Invader Zim #39 by Warren Wucinich

Invader Zim #39

Hex Wives #4 by Paulina Ganucheau

Hex Wives #4

The Unstoppable Wasp #4 by Stacey Lee

The Unstoppable Wasp #4

Bone Parish #6 by Jonas Scharf

Bone Parish #6

Witchblade #11 by Roberta Ingranata

Witchblade #11

Animosity: Evolution #10 by Eric Gapstur

Animosity Evolution #10

Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #3 by Felipe Massafera

Bloodshot Rising Spirit #3

Fight Club 3 #1 by David Mack

Fight Club 3 #1

Crimson Lotus #3 by Tonci Zonjic

Crimson Lotus #3

Wasted Space #6 by Hayden Sherman

Wasted Space #6

Welcome To Wanderland #4 by Maddi Gonzalez

Welcome To Wanderland #4

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