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There’ll be multiple stabbings aplenty in Deadpool vs Old Man Logan

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Deadpool vs Old Man Logan (6)1

Some of the greatest friendships can be found in the Marvel Universe. Bucky and Captain America’s bromance, Loki and Thor’s bond of brotherhood or Iron Man’s mentorship of Spider-Man have been good examples of this. Deadpool and Wolverine however? That’s a whole different bag of angry weasels to climb through.

They’ve been at each other’s throats numerous times in the past, shedding blood and getting back up thanks to their respective healing factors, but beyond the swords and Adamantium claws there does exist a firm respect between two of the deadliest mutants around. Wolverine knows that he can trust Deadpool enough to have even offered him a place on a more covert incarnation of X-Force, while the merc with a mouth actually admires his fellow Canadian.

That’s a bond that Old Man Logan doesn’t have with Wade Wilson.

Yup, the time-displaced and surlier version of Wolverine is going to find himself butting heads with Deadpool in a new series soon, the titular Deadpool Vs Old Man Logan. Written by former Deadpool artist Declan Shalvey and drawn by Nailbiter’s Mike Henderson, the plot is simple enough: Cerebro has detected a new Omega-level mutant whose powers are starting to go haywire, and certain elements want to catch and weaponise her.

Fortunately, Old Man Logan is off to rescue her. Unfortunately, Deadpool is also on the case. “Well really, it’s Logan who wants to help this new mutant. He’s learned she’s an Omega-level mutant and left unchecked, could be potentially dangerous,” Shelvey said to Newsarama.

Deadpool has different motives for getting mixed up in all this, which are naturally far more petty. So, while they’re both trying to save this young mutant, they have very different motives for doing so and as a result end up competing with each other. Multiple stabbings ensue. My simple aim is to tell a big, action-packed superhero book that entertains. To push these characters to their limits (which are very extreme), while exploiting their natural differences in humorous ways.

If possible, pull a few heart strings too. Deadpool and Old Man Logan are such fun characters that naturally clash against each other, I could have easily written another five issues worth of content. I only had five issues though, so I really wanted each issue to deliver, while building the tension as the series progresses.

Here’s a look at a few of the pages that’ll be in the five issue mini-series. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be reading them in the voices of Ryan Reynolds and Cathal J. Dodd/ Steven Blum.

Last Updated: October 16, 2017

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  1. Wolverine and Spider-Man have the best bromance


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