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This $2400 DOOM Eternal Doom Slayer statue from Prime 1 is ready to rip and tear

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As much as I love 2016’s DOOM, I have to be honest: The Doom Slayer’s Praetor suit armour looked kind of like generic wank. DOOM Eternal though? Much better! That’s an outfit which carries with it not only a pitch-perfect recreation of classic Doom aesthetics but a legacy of destruction that has style, panache and nostalgia all rolled up into one impressive physical specimen.

In a universe where everyone looks like they do a million push-ups before breakfast and eat pure obsidian granite for brunch, you need to have that little something something extra to stand out. Which is what the Doom Slayer does! A force of nature, pure unrelenting rage with a boomstick in his hand and a sword of vengeance in his other demon-slaying appendage. It’s just a great design, isn’t it?

Prime 1 certainly thinks so, as they’ve unveiled their own interpretation of the Doom Slayer in all his majestic glory. Available in three flavours, the vanilla flavour and gigantic 1/3 scale statue measures in at 43 inches in height, which works out to 108cm in Queen’s maths. Other beefy stats include a 67.3cm width and 52.8cm depth atop the custom display base.

That alone will cost you $1799, while the $1999 Deluxe Version throws in an interchangeable right-arm holding the Crucible Sword or another arm holding the Super Shotgun/ Plasma Rifle. Finally, the ridiculous Ultimate Edition includes all of the above plus an interchangeable right-arm holding the BFG 9000/ Heavy Cannon/ the Chainsaw for $2400. Here’s a gallery to drool over and make you cry in poor:

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the DOOM Slayer from the upcoming video game –DOOM Eternal. DOOM Eternal, the sequel to 2016’s action game of the year, DOOM. Developed by id Software and set to release on March 20, 2020, DOOM Eternal is the ultimate fast-paced, push-forward first-person shooter video game.

The DOOM Slayer is the protagonist and playable character in the award-winning DOOM franchise and the upcoming DOOM Eternal. Armed with the powerful Super Shotgun and protected by the Praetor Suit, a dark green set of armor reserved for the Sentinel’s mightiest warriors, the DOOM Slayer wades fearlessly into battle against Hell’s armies.

The statue, approximately 43 inches tall, depicts the unstoppable DOOM Slayer standing triumphant on a base featuring a highly detailed landscape of rubble, skulls, and the remains of a defeated Pinky demon.

Forget about hiring a priest to get ready of demonic possessions, just bring this into a room and you’ve got a mobile exorcism unit ready to rumble. Prime 1 expects these statues to roll out between June and September of next year. Plenty of time to barter your soul to dark demonic forces for the coolest collectible around.

Last Updated: March 23, 2020

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