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This Avengers: Endgame Thor 1/4 scale statue is still worthy…and pricy

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Thor Endgame (4)

Has the statute of limitations on spoilers passed yet for Avengers: Endgame? If it has, then you might want to look away because we’re going to be dipping deep into the one character who has changed the most between Infinity War and Endgame, so consider yourselves warned by the time you finally finish reading this sentence.

Thor Infinity War

Right! Thor Odinson, Asgard’s mightiest and a monarch to a nation that has no home. By the time that Endgame rolled around, the god of thunder wasn’t exactly in prime fighting shape. After seeing his mother murdered by Doctor Who, watched his brother’s neck snapped like a twig by Thanos and saw plenty of his fellow Asgardians slaughtered, Thor finally broke down.

Five years into the future and rocking a dad bod of note, Thor was a broken god. But just because he was packing a gut, it didn’t make him less worthy of his fabled hammer or a diminished hero. It made him relatable, more human and a tragic figure who had suffered more than any other Avenger in the wake of Thanos’ conquest.

Which all made for a great character. A true hero, body shape be damned. If Thor had a paunch, it was a power paunch. In the final moments of the Endgame, the thunder god of old returned and helped lead the charge to finally put an end to Thanos and mad machinations. And that’s my kind of hero, one who deserves to be celebrated….provided that you’re worthy enough to lift the hefty wad of cash required to purchase the fella from Iron Studios.

Now that’s a BIG boy! Avengers Endgame Thor will set you back a staggering $760 if it strikes your fancy. Measuring in at around 61cm in height, he’s a chuffing big Nordic deity so I can only imagine how the actual shipping price will be the equivalent of a Thanos fingersnap on your finances. Still, he’s worthy of two hammers and strikes a hell of a pose. I kind of want him for my collection.

Last Updated: May 29, 2019

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