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Trypticon has officially been revealed as the latest Titan-class Transformer

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When it comes to Transformers, bigger is always better. It’s the reason why we’ve got Autobots such as Metroplex and Fortress Maximus, towering juggernauts roughly the size of an entire city for the robots in disguise. But on the Decepitcon side? Sure, Devastator may be their ultimate combiner bot, but even he happens to be outclassed by a certain other abomination within the ranks of those devious droids.

Or as the TFwiki describes him:

Enormous in both size and power, Trypticon is an unstoppable engine of destruction. This might please him greatly… were he not bored by the entire prospect. He cares little for his role as the ultimate Decepticon weapon and finds war to be a waste of effort. He doesn’t like his comrades, he absolutely hates the Autobots, and—though he hides it well—he loathes himself most of all.

An extinction event in a metal shell, that goes by the name of Trypticon. Essentially a physical embodiment of hate that looks like the bastard child of Godzilla and the red Power Ranger’s T-Rex DinoZord, Trypticon despises everything and has the ability to transform into an artillery platform. Fans have been wanting to see the guy realised for ages now. And they’ll be getting a new Trypticon in the Titans Return line of figures.

Here’s his full colour render, via Seibertron:


So how big is Trypticon in comparison to the likes of Metroplex and Fortress Maximus? He’s massive alright, but not that big. TFormers did some sleuthing, and estimated that the big T will clock in at a size of 19 inches in height, which happens to be five inches shorter than the stupidly gigantic Fortress Maximus.

That’s still a hefty bot, and I’m dying to see him transformed into his base-mode. There’s no solid release date on Tryppysaurus above, but don’t expect him to be cheap either. Fortress Maximus retailed for close to $200 when he was unleashed last year, so expect a similar price tag for this fella.

Last Updated: February 14, 2017

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