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Weapon X is turning the Hulk into a Weapon Of Mutant Destruction

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If you had to assemble a list of bad ideas, lacing the bones of a mutant with a bad temper and an instantaneous healing factor with an unbreakable metal probably ranks up pretty high on that list. How do you possibly top that? By doing the exact same procedure, but to a gigantic green steroid rage monster instead.

That’s the mind-numbingly stupid idea that the Weapon X department will be embarking on this year in Weapon of Mutant Destruction, as they target the Hulk while probably thinking that nothing bad can possibly go wrong at all. Ever. Mind you, this isn’t Bruce Banner who’ll soon have a collection of unbreakable Ginsu-knives embedded in each arm, but rather the Amadeus Cho version of the Hulk who doesn’t deal with anger issues.

Cho’s Hulk is rather a gamma blockbuster whose primary weakness is arrogance, an overconfidence that matches his status as one of the most intelligent humans on the planet right now. And that makes for an interesting dynamic, as this augmented Hulk is going to find himself teaming up with a gang of killers that includes Old Man Logan, Domino, Lady Deathstrike, Sabertooth and Warpath. “Well, we’ve got our heroes and villains who are hunting down the new Weapon X and end up teaming up with Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk,” Greg Pak said to ComicBook.com.

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That in itself is fun because you’ve got very different dynamics here where the Hulk is this young cocky dude who thinks he knows everything and the Weapon X team is this hardened group of mercenaries and killers and criminals basically. There are some fun contrasts there but they’ve teamed up because they found out that Weapon X is hunting the Hulk.

The Weapon X Program has a very specific mission in mind and it involves the Hulk, and so now our heroes and the Hulk are teaming up to try to thwart it. Over the course of this story, things are going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and there are a few mysteries that will unspool, and much slashing and smashing.

The fact is that the Hulk, Amadeus Cho, is not a killer and he is not a hero who ever plans to kill anybody. That’s not in his repertoire of finishing moves. He is an optimist who thinks that he can always find the right solution to any problem and doesn’t believe in the lesser of two evils. He thinks he can always find a way to do the right thing and have the right outcome.

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The team led by Logan is considerably more jaded. Maybe they’ve seen more. Maybe they just have a different way, a different ethos and attitude towards the world. But that conflict between them as they team up is absolutely going to feed into the story. It’s going to be a big part of that emotional journey for these characters going both ways.

The tone I think will be darker than your average Totally Awesome Hulk story, as you can imagine, but those contrasts are part of what is going to raise the stakes for all these characters and also just make it a ton of fun in terms of character interaction.

The new series begins in Totally Awesome Hulk #19  and Weapon X this July, before it gets a solo one-shot at the big time. This is most likely going to end with Cho shouting “HULK SLASH!”.

Last Updated: March 10, 2017

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