And our ANT-MAN COMPETITION winners are…

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This breaks my heart. No. Really. That little black thing that pumps jealousy and hatred for my kindred man is hurting bad now. Why? Well I’ll tell you why… Because I have to give away four of the coolest damn watches ever and I wasn’t allowed to enter! All because of some stupid blood oath I was made to take while under the influence of some ghost peppers Darryn made me eat. But you guys were allowed to enter. And oh did you ever! What was at stake, other than the eternal resentment of Nick of course?

Ant Man Watch

Holy Ant-Man, Batman!… Okay, mixing universes there, but that’s how sad I am! So we put your names into a blender, added some love and a follicle of Kervyn’s hair (singular, the guy doesn’t have much) and this is who we drew.


So congratulations to the top 4 winners: Erwin Kempff, Marius Nell, Carl Angus and Smit Snyman! You’ve won yourself a very cool official Marvel Ant-Man watch! Yes, you can now show off to your friends as you try to figure out how to tell the time using multiple LED’s! You’ll be the envy of everyone!

I’ll follow up with each of you next week Monday (as I am currently sipping on pino coladas in Darling, in the rain).

Once again thank you so much to Disney Company Africa for these really great prizes and we look forward to offering our readers more in the very near future (next week in fact).

Happy Friday to everyone else!

PS: Apologies, if you saw this post an hour ago without any winners. It was clearly just a glitch in the Matrix! Either that or blame Canada!

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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