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10 Minutes of John Carter available for viewing online

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I’m giving you guys fair warning – expect a deluge of John Carter related news this week. Up until now, Disney has been doing a lackluster job of marketing this big budget adaptation of Edgar Rice-Burroughs’ classic science-fiction story, resulting in a mass ambivalence about the film. But now that recent press screenings have resulted in mostly favourable reviews, and there’s only a week left until it’s official release, they appear to have finally removed white-gloved thumb from rodent rectum and have begun releasing images and clips that are finally grabbing people’s attention.

The first in this wave of press, is this 10 minute clip of John’s Earthly origins.

Up until now, Disney has chosen to focus on just the big budget extravaganza of the film, and while that is all good and well, it has failed to actually tell audiences what the film is actually about. This clip sets out to rectify that with a bit of the character’s history before he ended up on Barsoom (Mars), so if you four-armed, tusked, green aliens are you particular fetish, then you may be a bit disappointed in this.

Personally though, I feel this does a great job of setting the tone and theme of the film. Have a look for yourself:


John Carter opens locally this Friday, 9 March 2012

Last Updated: March 5, 2012

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