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50 SHADES OF GREY finds a writer to crack that whip

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Your mother may like it, but so does Hollywood, as the second that 50 Shades of grey went big, movie plans started forming for it. The original Twilight fanfic is well on its way though, sidestepping development hell with ease, as The Social Network producers Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti joined the project back in July, and they’ve finally found their writer to turn in a script.

The safe word is green.

Beating Bret “American Psycho” Easton Ellis to the ball-gag, it was revealed in press release that Kelly “Saving Mr Banks” Marcel will be doing some erotic scribing, now that she has managed to sell her work for the upcoming behind the scenes look at how Mary Poppins was made.

Add to some fuel to that fire in the form of a cult hit called Terra Nova, and she certainly does have a sizeable fan following so far. This could be a good move for the studio as well, as they could see Marcel as the person who could make the film be more than an arty attempt at profitable softcore porn in the BDSM genre.

In the statement, the producers said that Marcel brought a “flawless structural technique and passionate commitment to emotion, humour and depth of character,” while Brunetti added in that she had “depth and passion.”

50 Shades of Grey has been a chart-topper of note recently. The kinky tale of the relationship between billionaire Christian Grey and the wide-eyed varsity student Anastasia Steele has already sold 32 million copies on paper and electronic formats, with sequels following, and adapting it properly could generate some serious cash for the people involved.

Smash hit of the week when it releases, or a timeless classic? We’ll just have to see.

Last Updated: October 9, 2012


  1. Both those women in the header image are…unfortunate looking. Guess that’s why they need those books (that was mean i know).


  2. Rincethis

    October 9, 2012 at 14:48



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