A first look at the new Black Canary in ARROW

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It is nice to finally see some proper TV shows using comic franchises. Constantine is starting to become quite brilliant and I am very keen to see the debut of The Spectre in that show. Arrow and The Flash have also been doing well and in the third season of Arrow fans will finally see a main character transform into the next Black Canary.

This is technically the Canary’s second incarnation in the show, but also clearly the version the Arrow writers have been gunning for. Long-running character Laurel Lance was once little more than eye-candy and a pretext for love-triangle/collective loathing towards main character Oliver McQueen, but in season 3 she will become the Black Canary after a tragedy befalls the original vigilante. To celebrate the announcement some new photos of the character were released, showcasing her new costume.



The new costume looks less sexed-up. It should be said that the previous TV version was already a far more practical approach to the comics’ gaudy fishnet and corset ensemble. Also gone is the cleavage-sporting top, an artifact from the original comic character, making way for a more thoroughly practical outfit. If anything it is a bit reminiscent of Hit Girl in Kick Ass, though I like how the fishnets are still homaged with the quasi- garters holding onto the gun belts.

The new Black Canary is set to appear in episode 10 of Arrow‘s third season, likely alongside the villain Brick, portrayed by the always-entertaining Vinnie Jones.


Last Updated: November 13, 2014


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