A first look at the new Robocop – I wouldn't buy that for a dollar!

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So, the time has come, my friends. The mayans predicted it after all! The end is nigh…at least for our childhoods, as they have just released a few images of the new Robocop, as per Comingsoon. Be prepared folks, its a doozy…

I might as well say it…that doesn’t really look anything like our favourite cyborg cop, now does it? It looks a little bit more like Batman and Judge Dredd had a baby and I can honestly say I am disappointed…but I’m not wholly surprised. After an initial casting that sounded great, more and more news stories were released that left most of us fans less than hopeful and I think this might just be the nail and the coffin and proof that this might just be a Robocop film in name and general premise.

What do you guys think, am I being to negative? As usual with reboots of beloved franchises, I will pay attention to the next few stories and hope for a miracle. It looks like we are going to need one.

Last Updated: September 17, 2012

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