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A live-action Magic School Bus movie is in development with Elizabeth Banks to play Ms Frizzle

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Some kids shows are great when you were a youngster who didn’t know any better, but once you grow up you look back at them and wonder what you must’ve been thinking as a kid. However, there are some kids shows, which retain their magic that even though you have since grown up and matured (or are like Darryn and done neither) and can still be enjoyed as an adult.

The Magic School Bus, the popular animated kids show from the 1990s that was based on a series of children’s books written by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen, is one of those shows that if I were to look back on as an adult today, still holds up well despite the silliness of it all. Much of the reason for this was the charismatic and quirky teacher Ms Valerie Frizzle who seemed to have a weird penchant for taking her school kids on bizarre field trips as her bus transformed into a plane, submarine, spaceship, or surfboard without any thought or concern about the dangers of it all.

The show was recently given new life on Netflix in 2017 with The Magic School Bus Rides Again and will now be making its way to cinema screen as The Wrap is reporting that a hybrid live-action and animated adaptation of the property is in the works, with Elizabeth Banks set to star as the fearless adventuring schoolteacher Ms Frizzle. Banks will also serve as a co-producer on the project for Universal Pictures.

There is no official screenwriter or director signed on for the film (though knowing Banks, who likes to do both of those two, I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes this on as well) just yet or idea of how they intend to build a script out of the series short adventures. However, I can definitely see the appeal of this becoming a bigger franchise with tremendous appeal for both young and older audiences if they can capture the right sort of magic that the original shoe and it’s school bus were known for.

Last Updated: June 28, 2020

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  1. MaSeKind

    June 26, 2020 at 16:06

    As long as Ms Frizzle has enough acid to share with the rest of the class


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